You wouldnt like me when im angry...

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  1. Yesterday when I was messing with my new headlights (which are a PITA to install BTW) I got REALLY impatient and mad and threw my hammer I was using to get the lights out. then I heard a shattering noise. O ****. I broke my moms pig lol. It calmed me down though cause breaking stuff is sort of a stress relief for me. So what have you broke in a rage while working on your car? Im just happy I didnt start beating the lights with the hammer like I wanted to.

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  2. I usually find that I punch things. I usually try to punch things that are solid wood vs drywall for obvious reasons.
  3. My fingers....:rolleyes:

  4. So you can break your hand and not the wall? :lol:
  5. Broke the pig!!!

    Ha! You broke the pig! Hilarious! :rlaugh:
  6. I think Ill keep whats left and break it next time something is pissing me off. Or just next time I get home drunk. :rlaugh:
  7. I broke a trouble light bad last week...

    ****ing thing kept burning out bulbs...

    I was under my car working on the rear end when the bulb blew out AGAIN...

    Seething with rage, I calmly slid out from under my car with the trouble light, stood up, and SMASHED that **** against the wall of my garage as hard as I could. There's really not much left of it. :D
  8. i usually punch/kick my accord. it is my winter beater so i really dont mind it looking the way it does. i also like to put my hand through immobile objects.
  9. i usually end up walking around in circles just breathing heavy. you can usually taste my rage, it's very palatable. it takes a lot of stuff to piss me off to get me to that point. i'm generally a patient guy

    how far away was the pig? good shot if it was in the dark!
  10. Yea, it was last night and in the dark. It was about 10 ft away and the hammer bounced then hit it. I fixed it with some Gorill aglue, but Im missing a big piece of his neck so I think Ill just finish him off.
  11. How about when you are tired of working on something and you nail your head or something into a sharp corner. I kinda hope it doesnt bleed cuz my BP goes through the roof - I would probably bleed out.

    Shawn, you probably use them already, but you can get severe duty light bulbs for your troublelight (if it uses a normal lightbulb). I used to blow a couple reg bulbs a night; the HD bulbs hold up really well.
  12. my tools usually go flying into the yard
  13. i broke my supercharger of my gtp, when i couldn't get the dam pulley back in. so i grabbed a hammer and it went in, but so did the snout. lol, cost 1000 bucks to fix
  14. I threw a water pump once. I don't recomend doing that.....EVER.
  15. I threw the ratchet down and it shattered, it was a cheap-o

    When doing my exhaust, I tweaked my wrist because I got so pissed off I ran inside and RAILED the punching bag.

    My friend threw a ratched at his car while doing exhaust and luckily it went under the car.

    Later he kicked the door and it dented in while he was doing the exhuast.

    Reading other people's stories is FUNNY AS HELL.

    This things were not engineered to be modified!
  16. I've come damn close to beating my car with a hammer a few times. I throw tools and usually try to just walk away from it so I don't beat it with a hammer.

    Now if my gf pisses me off and we're having a bad fight I hit walls. Have punched the wooden racks at work a few times
  17. I've taken a hammer to a few cars in our salvage yard before. Broken parts someone doesn't want to pay for and so on...Golf is a great way to take out anger, so is working out. I'm usually on the calmer side but there's times I get pretty mad if pushed. One time in high school, a girl sat her purse on my paint, I was like don't sit that on my paint you'll scratch it, then she said no that's ok it won't hurt anything...then I broke up with her lol.
  18. I just go to my room and beat off 2-3 times and then I'm all cool.
  19. If you want to have kids, be careful how hard you swing that hammer. :D :cheers:
  20. 98% of men do that thing we do
    The other 2% don't have arms.