You wouldnt like me when im angry...

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  1. :rlaugh: :flag: That a boy lol.....
  2. ive broken quite a few things.

    once i finished swapping my fuel level sending unit and looked down at my legs and side covered in gas. i took my jack handle and beat the hell out of it.

    doing my rebuild on the fox, there were many many punches, tools, curses, and other things thrown.

    i actually picked up our mini fridge and threw it down the hill infront of my house once :lol: luckily the trees stopped it.
  3. [not believing this hasn't been asked yet]

    Why were you removing your headlights with a hammer? LOL. Sounds like fun!

    I have done some pretty crazy things after getting ticked off at the car. In recent years .... I think I've pretty much tamed the temper. The Army has tought me plenty of words for substituting the violence, lol. But I guess when it DOES kick in, .... it's been built up, so "the chit hits the fan".
  4. :lol: some things you just never expect to read on here lol

    HA HA HA my car, my car not me :rlaugh:
  5. what did your mom say about the pig, or does she not know yet? i think stangnet would crash if i tried to list every time a i cursed, became enraged, punched something, threw a tool, took my anger out on someone else, when working on my car or anyone elses for that matter.
  6. This thread has brought back some memories. The best one is the time (about 13-14 yrs ago) I had worked on my pickup for about three days trying to get it to start. I had it next to the curb in the street (that's where it stopped and would not start again). I was really at wits end with what else could be wrong with it. I picked up the nearest thing, which was a can of B-12 carb cleaner, and just threw it. Not really aiming, just threw it. It was like slow motion watching it fly about 20-25 feet and smashing out a storm window on the house. I just sat down on the curb. My wife ran out, like what the f#&k happened. I couldn't even explain it. It's really funny now because she reminds me of it all the time in a joking kind of way, but it was not very funny on that particular day! With age has come a lot more patience, but I still get pissed-off at working on cars some times. I remind myself not to throw things because I still remember having to change-out that window--after getting the pick-up fixed.
  7. Playing Tiger Woods 2006 on the PC and Checking out Stangnet repeatedly has really helped keep me sane during any relationship problems or whatever so I haven't had to break anything lately. :D
  8. The trouble light can be taken apart. Probably loose wire. Same thing happened to me.

  9. Same here .... except I've been playing Morrowind The Elder Scrolls III Game of the Year Edition with Tribunal & Bloodmoon. I love this game! Oblivion is awesome, too.

    BTW Nik .... you ever get your 'situation' straight?
  10. Yea, but I could have used just about anything. I was actually just using the handle.
  11. I have a industrial SS stand up cooler at one of my jobs (pizza place I worked at threw school and still work 1day a week there) that I have beat on like a punching bag for several years. I broke one and the other has one whole side that is just beat to hell, coverd with a poster/poster board. I realy dont know how I have not broken my hands off those...I would hit it so hard it would start to rock off its base alittle:eek: .

    I also one time grabbed a pan out of an oven (450*) and walked to the back of the store and tossed it at a wall with my bare hand. Then went back to work like nothing happend, a buddy of mine tried to pick up but he was like "thats fuggin hot".

    For a few years I had a BAD anger issue, not so much violent just if pushed I was not pleasant...chased two kids off that pulled a little 3shot 380 on me with a lava rock:nonono:
  12. get a punching bag they are the schezzznit
  13. It's only at a bad point when you get addicted to the rush and consider it a form of power. Then you start doing stupid $#it and swrewing up your life... and become po-wer less.
  14. I had 3 oil pumps lock up on me 3 times in one week after the 3rd time taking the motor out. I got so mad I bought another car.
  15. When I'm angry, I usually just take it out on the air. I do multiple tornado kicks over and over until I'm on the brink of passing out.

    I'm not kidding either, it's how I relieve myself when I'm really mad.
  16. ^^^ do people walking by think your a balleriena
  17. :lol: his neighbors already think he's fruity lol
  18. I crossthreaded a bolt in my engine block when I got mad once.....And still paying for that one :nonono:

    After that I stop what I am doing, and take several deep breaths until I calm down.

    When I was 10 or so, I pissed off my little brother, so he got on the top bunk and threw a spoon at me. it hit me square between the eyes and layed me flat on my arse......
  19. Nah, they don't get the chance to. My kicks start up mini tornados and before they have a chance to point and laugh, they are already in the air.
  20. You gotta walk away when you get pissed. Thats the only solution. If I'm stumped I step back, look at it, kinda hum a little to myself. There is no reason to hurry.

    If it gets unbearable, then I stop, change, and go run a couple miles as hard as I can. By the time I get back, I'm mellow and experiencing the runner's high. This has only happened when doing my headers btw. That job is miserable.