You wouldnt like me when im angry...

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  1. plastic pigs

    hi! one time i was walking in my house.. only to find a small plastic pig staring right at me!! however i did not break him because 2 min later as i was heading to the shower i once again saw two more mini plastic pigs!! it was a PIG INVASION!!n right in my home!! so if ur asking if i know about pigs i do!! have a nice day !
  2. :ban: :Zip2:
  3. Explains the avatar... :D
  4. I'm really hard on tires, when I'm angry. Which is bad when you are working on the car.... that's how you break another one to fix. :bang:
  5. I got so mad once I slammed the door on a beater coupe I had. Slammed it so hard the window should have broken--it just shattered and stayed together due to the old ass tint on the windows. I felt better.
  6. When I get so pissed at my car(usually with the headers, like mentioned above) this is what I do.
    1. Throw the wrench against the floor (and jump to avoid it from hitting me back)
    2. Stand up straight with my hands on my waiste and stare at my car with an evil look in my eyes.
    3. Grab the beer and take a long drink.(then spit it out cause it got hot after dealing with the headers for a while)
    4. Grab a cold beer and chug about half of it.
    5. Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.
    6. Look for the wrench.
    7. Try to calm down after not finding the wrench.
    8. Find it and go at it again.
    9. Say "If it doesn't go in this time, I'm pulling it to a friend's house!"
    10. Look for the chain to start pulling.
  7. LOL!