You'll shoot your eye out

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  1. It's that time again...24 hours of a Christmas story...:D classic
  2. Best holiday movie ever. I watch at least 5-6 episodes when its on.
  3. Lol,yeah. Every year when my brother and I are at our parents we will turn the tv to it.My mom hates that movie.Anyway last year my brother was in Iraq through Christmas so I sent him a copy of it.He got a kick out of it.He is back now.
  4. I'm watching it right now. Have'nt watched it completely through in a long time. I never thought this movie would be one they show over and over. When I was growing up it was the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" they showed constantly. I hated that movie.
  5. I can't even attempt to watch that show...... much less 24 hrs of it!!
  7. i absolutely hate that movie to death. i used to try to ditch class in highschool when we had to watch that movie. and still to this day i have NEVER seen the whole thing. it was that awful.

    just one of those movies that stressed me out and made me really irritated as a kid. :shrug: no idea why