Young and dumb..(cam question)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fatt, May 23, 2004.

  1. alright, i just purchased an 88 lx about 2-3 days ago, and it needs a new cam.. I have a certified ford mechanic whos going to be doing most of the work for me, but i have no idea what cam i want, or need, seeing as i am "young and dumb" my mech. who is also a good friend has picked one out, but i dont have any idea if i want that one or not...he wants to make a street MONSTER, i just want it to be a street beast... any suggestions and welcome..
  2. if you are SD, make sure you dont go with anything too crazy - SD does not like it...good luck.
  3. For the street i think an E-303 cam is a good choice.
  4. SD? Never seen that one before?
    Whassit mean?

    btw, fatt welcome :) I can't wait to see your car become a beast, take lotsa pictures of it, kuz then you can go back and laugh at the stock pictures
  5. well i bought from this guy, and its not exactly stock, :-\ but i cant remember all he had done to it
  6. SD = Speed Density, as apposed to MASS AIR.

    If your car is an 87-88, it came from the factory with the speed density system (other than 88' california cars). The SD system controls your air/fuel off of set numbers, and is faster stock, but does not like bigger heads/intake/cam because it throws it out of whack.

    Mass air measures air coming into the motor, and sets fuel off of that so it can manage with whatever mods you want to throw into it.
  7. Do what most people do to try to be cool...Buy the biggest cam you can find, put it in and come complain to us that your car has no power...:)
  8. so does that mean that i should put the mass air flow on ?
  9. What I want to know is why it needs a new cam. Do you want a new cam. Is there something wrong with the old cam? Explain!

    You should not put a big cam in a mostly stock motor. Without heads, intake, exhaust and gears, a big cam will not do anything for you. It will kill your low end and just when the cam comes into its peak, it will be choked off by other things.

    Unless you crap dollar bills, you need a package. Not just a one item modification.
    Hold off and get a plan.

    BTW most mechanics that work in the dealership dont know diddly about speed parts. They know what Ford makes and sells and that is it.
  10. Mass Air's probably one of the first things most people do to their new 88's (unless it's a california car)
    If your looking for a basic mass air conversion, you can pick em up off e-bay for a few bucks, then just get the wiring harness. I'm finishing mine today... been kind'a lazy about doin' it. I've had everythin' to do it for almost a year now, about time to go new-school...
    Mass air will allow you to upgrade more - it'll be more flexable for future upgrades
  11. ok, well the reason i need a cam is because my engine is knocking, and my friend said that hes positive its the cam...i think he said like, a 427 cam or somthing, i dont remember, ill have to talk to him today i guess, i just wanted some other opinions cuz this guy is used to making drag cars n **** kinda new to all this stuff so i dont really know what i want...
  12. it also needs a new tranny, cuz 3rd and 4th is gone, but all my friends with stangs say i dont want an aod, but i dont know what to get
  13. no offense, but you really need to find out what you have and read up (search in here, etc). it will save you a lot of time and money learning from other's experiences and errors. Hllon made a very good point about all of that.
    also, i could be wrong, but doesnt one want a cam that kinda matches the stall converter (since it has a slushbox, for now at least)?

    there is not much worse than getting a car with mismatched stuff. sit down with the seller and have him write down all of the things he did to it- everything. that will really help you. when you come across Jrichker in here, read the last line (i think) of his sig. that sums it up for you (about foundations). :)
    good luck and welcome.