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  1. I just got a 1970 Mustang Grande with a 351W. The problem is, I cannot find an insurance company that will give me reasonable features since I am only 16 yrs old. I am about to sign on with Hagerty with me being a secondary driver. However, the company wants my dad to write a letter to them stating that I will never drive the car without him being in the Mustang with me. Hagerty seems to be the only co. that I can find that will actually write a policy because the others that i have looked at won't write one b/c I am below the age of 26. If there is anyone out there that knows of a company that will give me features that beat Hagerty, I would GREATLY appreciate you letting me know about it.
  2. Hate to say it, but good luck finding any company that will underwrite you. One of the downfalls of being young.

    Is this going to be a daily drive or true classic?
  3. check out 21st. They were going to charge me ~$150/6mo for a 68 V8 coupe, but that'd be a second car on the policy and I'm growing old at the age of 24 :(

    Edit - If you go with them let me know so I can give you my info and tell them I reffered you :D
  4. "Is this going to be a daily drive or true classic?"

    I'm expecting to drive it every once in awhile to school and some other places but definitely not daily.
  5. It just seems strange to me that they have the YO club (young owners) in Mustang Monthly and Mustangs and Fords so i would assume that the teenagers in there have some way to get insurance. I will check 21st though and see what they can do for me.
  6. I have mine listed so that they think my mom is the primary driver, cause I am only 19. It is also listed as driven infrequently I pay $170/6 months. I have had too many tickets too, cause my insurance for the 5.0 on full coverage costs me $330 a month. Luckily I am paying it off and dropping it to liability only which will put me at $140/month. I am with ANPAC. I am shopping around right now, I hate insurance!!!!!!!
  7. Remember, most classic insurance policies do have certain restrictions, although it may be tough for them to prove you didn't meet them. The only way I guess they can find out is through state inspection records. Here in Florida, that would not be an issue, since we have no vehicle inspections at all.
  8. im 17, and have a 68 coupe V8 insured as a daily driver. costs about $115/month with a clean record through State Farm
  9. i insured mine as soon as i turned 16 with hagerty. you have to have one car per licensed driver not including the classic, and not drive it daily, although there were no restrictions. i have it as a stated value of 14k and its 140 a year. im 18 now, and still with them. oh and btw, it helps to have good grades!
  10. Of all the states I've ever lived in Florida has more moving junkers on the road than any other (Ever see planes, trains, and automobiles?). Yeah, I feel really comfortable knowing that I'm on the road with moving vehicles that have bald tires, no horn, no lights, and no working brakes. Gee, I wonder why Florida has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. I'm through venting. Thanks for listening.