Your .02 on tires..

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  1. I was thinking of getting some new tires here soon, and i have 275's all the way around :nono: and was thinking of going smaller on the front and the biggest i can on the rear so i was seeing what set up would work well, with weekend street/ track use, but something that has tons of grip in the dry but does well in the wet too..
    My rims and tires are 275/40/17's on a 9'' or 9''1/2 rim.. :shrug:

    I was hoping that i could put on some 255;s up front and go with like Nitto 315 in the rear but I dont know.. Pics would help very much as well!! thanks!:nice:
  2. BFG KDW NT!!!!!
  3. for the money you cant beat bfg g-force sports or nito nt555 both are great tires and Hankooks arent bad either.
  4. bfg doubt.

    id say 245 front 285 rear
  5. These are BFG KDW2's in a 265 and a 295. Bought them from tirerack and they were here in one day!:nice:

  6. I have 315's on the back of mine. Don't recommend any bigger though as they do sometimes rub on the exhaust.:bang:
  7. as stated, KDW's are about the best street tire that i know of... they do good in the rain, last a decent amount of miles and stick like glue when heated up... im going to go with Nitto555 in the front and Nitto 555R in the rear on my car with 315's out back and either 245 or 275 up front...
  8. KDW2's. Theyre relatively affordable (gotta pay to play son), and they are ****ing awesome in the dry, and still badass in wet. i have 295's out back and 275's up front and going from the stock 245's all around with sears specials was pure bliss.

    if you cant afford, at least do kdw2's out back and the standard gforce sports up front, itll save you around 100$. if you still cant afford that, do the sports all around, it will still be a very good combo.
  9. BFG KDs 275 up front 315 an the back,you gonna thank me later..............