Your age and how many Mustangs you have owned

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  1. I've always wondered how old my fellow Mustang owners were.

    Im 23
    First car: 2000 laser red v-6 convertible.. Gone:(
    Second: 2003 Zinc Yellow Gt.. Gone:(
    Third: 88 Gt Hatchback..Current:p
    Fourth: 2002 White Gt convertible..Current:D
    Fifth: 2004 Azure Blue Mach 1 5spd..New Ride:nice:

    So lets here it guys.:flag:
  2. I'm 19 (Will be 20 in August)
    First Car: 1999 Mustang - V6 Auto
    Second Car: 2002 Mustang GT - 5spd :D
  3. 22 years old
    77 mustang 2 auto
    94 GT 5 speed
    04GT 5 speed
  4. 17 years old
    First: 2002 Mustang V6 Auto
    Second: 2004 Mustang GT Auto
  5. 28 years old

    04 GT 5spd - yellow

    Gone thru plenty of cars, but this is the first stang.
  6. I'm 35 now.

    1st- 1966 Mustang Fastback 2+2 Raven Black w/289 -have not actually owned it until last few years, but its been in the family since 1965.

    2nd- 1969 Mustang Fastback Winter Blue w/ 351W - bought it in 1991($3800) I was 21yrs old. Sold in 2001($3000 in boxes somewhat) for funds to build my house.

    3rd- 1994 Mustang GT Laser Red w 302ci - bought it in early 1996(I was 26), it had just under 24,000 miles(two year lease car). Paid $13,800 at the auction. Drove it until 1999 and 75,000 miles. Had to trade in 1999 due to divorce.

    4th - 1995 Mustang Black V-6- bought it in 1998(I was 28) for my 1st wife. I traded it in 10 months later on a Explorer XLT V8 which was also traded in with the 94 GT.

    5th- 1999 Mustang GT Performance Red "Limited Edition" V8 - traded 94 GT and 96 Explorer XLT in on this Mustang. I had just divorced and need to drop some bills, didn't want Red, but this was the only GT on the lot. Glad I did buy it now, its been a great car.

    6th - Yet to be determined....probably the next gen Mustang 2010 or later. Convertible for sure.

  7. I am 40.

    The first Mustang I owned was a 1969 Mustang Grande' with a 289, red with a black vinyl landau top. I had this car when I was 16-17.

    The second Mustang I owned was a 1969 Mustang Convertible with a 351 Windsor, green with a black top. I had this car when I was 17-18.

    Then I owned various crappy cars until the age of 38 when I got my third Mustang.

    The third Mustang is my current one, a 2001 GT convertible with laser red and parchment top.
  8. 28 years old

    1-88 GT-black

    2-01 GT vert-laser red

    3-04 Cobra - redfire
  9. I'm 40. I have had other cars, but I have 2 Mustangs. I bought the 89LX new, and I just got the 02 GT.
  10. I'm 21. Owned my '98GT since I was 16. My one and only car :)
  11. 29...2 Mustangs,

    '02 GT



    '03 Mach 1

  12. i'm 22 and i've only had one stang

    at 16 i had a 95 ranger, still my DD just turned 190,000

    at 19 i bought a 87 K5 blazer and lifted it on 40's

    at 20 i got the 01 GT
  13. 26 - Damn I'm gettin old...

    1st - 1985 LX
    2nd - 1986 LX (notch)
    3rd - 1989 conv
    4th - 1988 GT T-tops (loved that car)
    5th - 2002 GT

    The only other car I ever owned besides Mustangs are a couple Neons for daily drivers. I dont think I could ever imagine not having a Mustang! Thats what I'm know for :)
  14. i'm 29

    had 2 Stangs

    90 LX currently awaiting 5.4L 4V heart :D

    01 Steeda GT vert (current)
  15. Damn that's sweet. :nice:

  16. Yeah I have almost lost intrest in the Steeda.. but I gotta get moved and settled in at the new house before I can start. Shall be very fun :D
  17. 24.

    Only had one. 01 gt, nd how do I love it :nice:

    First car was an 85 Tirebird(firebird)

    2nd car 99 ZX2(fun car to drive)

    Then the stang
  18. 29 All I ever owned has been Mustangs.

    1. 1997 V6 Green, Bought new in dec 96.
    2. 2001 GT Silver, Bought used in 2004.
    3. 2003 Mach Yellow, Bought used in mid 2005.
  19. 29

    Have owned several cars in the past, but only 2 stangs.

    2001 DHG Bullitt #0265 (sold to my dad)
    2001 GT convertible - current
  20. i have owned 4 mustangs

    1. 1968 mustang w/ 289 restored with my dad best time of my life. sold
    2. 92 gt. totaled damn that was a sad day.
    3.2000 gt current
    4 88 lx 5.0 convertible that i bought for my 17 year old daughter. current.