Your Best 60' on street tires

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  1. It's near tire buying time and I'm not sure if I want to run DR's on the street again - seemed like a waste of great track tires. I want the best launch I can get on a regular street tire.

    Post your best 60' on anything other than DR's or slicks and what brand/model tire it was.

  2. 1.9xx on f1's in my 03.....
  3. 1.9x back in the day with 274/40/17 BFG comp T/A ZR. But this was with a 13.xx 5spd 95gt, stock shocks and struts, sway bar on, eibach Pro Kit springs and control arms. I will say that I was extreamly impressed with these tires.. they hooked, they handled, were great in the rain, I wouldn't bat and eye at buying them again personally..
  4. 1.94 best with 245x50x16 bridgestone potenza re910's on 100% bone stock susp. with close to or over 100,000 miles. 5spd, pullies, K&N, 3.73's, 14*, MSD digital6+, 125 shot of n2o from a wet kit (compucar kit) that run was a tire spinning 13.1 @ 107. backed it up hotlapping it to a 2.0 60ft, 13.2 @107.

    I cut 2.0-2.1 almost all the time with those tires.
  5. 2.0 completely stock suspension with the tires hopping. Prodigy 245/45/17s.
  6. 2.05 on "remington" 245/50/16's (ponys) i have a fox...
  7. 1.91 on nangkang 245-50-16 street tires
  8. 1.87 on 225/55/16 off brand tires...cant remember the brand but I also went 1.87's on 245/45/17 Bridgestone potenza R010's.
  9. 2.157 on $60 kumhos. I'm not blaming the tires i just suck.
  10. 2.10 on some BALD 255 Sumitomo's and stock suspension. I haven't ran with the 315's or my control arms. I'm getting some D/R's when these go. Probably some Nitto's since they have decent treadlife.
  11. 1.825 on my 275/35/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires at 25psi...
  12. 2.00 on 235/40/17 michelin pilot sports that were bald on stock suspension.
  13. 1.90 on 245/45/17 khumo's, on route to a 13.30 @ 103mph
  14. 2.00 on 245/45/17 sumitomo HTR+ on my second run of my first/only time to the track as of yet.
  15. 2.0 On 315/35/17 Sumitoma HTR
  16. 2.195 on bald kumhos 255/45/17
  17. 2.167 on 275/40 Cooper Cobras. These numbers are a result of no tire spin, as are all of my launches (auto with decent tires = no tire spin at track). I only spun the tires once and it was the time I backed into the water box. Otherwise, I think these tires get pretty good traction with higher RPM's and more power. If/when I get a higher stall, I hope to turn closer to 1.9xx like a large majority of the people on here.
  18. From reading all of these numbers (a crappy 2.2 for me), it would seem that a decent 60ft is more up to the driver's skill and less to the specific tire.
  19. 1.90s on michelin pilot sports in my 01

    1.91 on dunlops in the cobra
  20. 2.0 on reg 275\18 nittos, first time at track, while it began to rain.