Your Best 'stang Pic Thread...

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  1. :lol:
    I have that brochure too!
  2. 93project, go take your car out somewhere with a nice outdoor back drop, and get some good pics! Its a beautiful car, and would be background worthy if you had a nice scenic back drop.
  3. Always loved this one


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  4. Not anymore. I stole it from you...

  5. How about a photo with trbofox in the background, can get a much better background than that, lol.

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  6. :drool:
  7. ive been wanting to do that! thanks for the compliment!
  8. Here's my bucket of bolts.
  9. One of my Fav's
  10. Usually I'm not a fan of the pace cars but that has to be the nicest one I've seen to date. Great job!!!
  11. Here is one I took recently of my 1993 cobra.

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