Your Blower Combos

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  1. Your Blower & N/A Combos

    Theres a thread over at MPH's forums that goes on for about 12 pages or so. Its everyone posting up their blower combos and supporting engine mods. I think it would be great to bring something like that to stangnet; for it will serve a few purposes. It will help others gauge what kind of blower set up they can go with and what approximate numbers they can expect with that setup. It will also give n/a guys a chance to pick a tried and true setup that meets their hp/reliability goals.
    N/A guys can also post their combos with the same reasoning. :nice:

    Ill start:

    Kenne Bell 2.1L @ 9psi (intercooled)
    Stock Block
    KB Big tube
    KB Cold air
    75mm T/B
    90mm MAF
    36lb injectors
    Ford GT40 Fuel pump
    BBK L/T
    BBK O/R X pipe
    Tuned by Dan Carlson @ Realspeed Automotive (THE MAN)

    390whp/386tq on a mustang dyno...

    Maybe this could become a sticky...?
  2. i'll post up my old numbers and keep it updated as i do more to the car.

    Paxton Novi 2000 mongoose kit @10psi
    C&L plenum
    75mm TB
    O/R x pipe
    stock catback w/ flowmasters
    aluminum flywheel
    3.90 gears

    375 RWHP
    385 RWTQ

    new numbers up on friday with custom IC and new s/c pulley
  3. Vortech SQ-V2 @ 10psi
    Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    Accufab Plenum
    FRPP 3.73s
    Weld-in Flowmasters
    4" MPH Boost Pipe
    42lb Green Top Injectors
    Focus Fuel Pump
    90mm Lightning MAF

  4. Vortech S-V1 @ 10psi 3.33 pulley
    Dragon 75mm Throttle Body
    Dragon Plenum
    FRPP 3.73s
    Weld-in Flowmasters
    4" MPH Boost Pipe
    42lb Green Top Injectors
    Focus Fuel Pump
    90mm Lightning MAF
    I just copied AmBo's stuff since we have the same kit!
  5. Great thread...but do I get to post up my combo too. :( Or is this a "blown sausage guys only" fest?
  6. Hm... I guess we can do n/a also.. why not?
  7. NM i guess if you will allow N/A combos, I can post my twin turbo setup :D (im not N/A anymore :D) Thanks!

    2 57MM turbo chargers
    Dual inlet/single out FMIC (24X18X3.5)
    Custom made (BY US) headers and tubing
    Tial 50MM BOV
    2 Tial 38MM waste gates
    Stock shortblock
    VT stg 1 cams
    P&Pd trick flow plenum
    BBK 75MM TB
    Lightning 180* Tstat
    Canton windage trey
    42# injectors
    SCT 4 bank flip switch chip
    Spec stg 3 clutch
    Fidanza aluminum flywheel
    FRPP 3.73 gears
    March U/D pulleys :)p blower guys)
    SCT BA-2400 MAF (blow through)
    Ford GT (40) fuel pump
    Dr Gas O/R X pipe
    Magnaflow cat back

    No #s yet...may be a while while we finish fabbing everything up :nice: .
  8. 2004 GT
    Vortech V2SQ 3.33 pulley
    42lb injectors,focus fuel pump,90MM MAF
    BBK 75MM TB and PLENUM
    SCT tuned by Ed Clark 360HP/360TQ

    no boost pipe yet.... :nonono:
    ok guys if you are getting a centri supercharger gears are a must!!!
  9. 2001 GT
    KB 1.7 9# kit intercooled
    36lb injectors
    boost a pump
    SLP longtubes, catted xpipe, loudmouth1s
    power 378rwhp 392rwtq
    tuned by Dan at dynosport Lincoln, NE

    KB cold air kit and 75mm throttle body comming soon with new tune and numbers.
  10. Even tho i am not blown...This is a great thread..:SNSign: Maybe someday :rolleyes:
  11. my dyno numbers 8psi vortech

    ok guys here are my dyno numbers

    8psi vortech mongoose kit super safe tim tune :D

    i am working on the diy intercooler set-up with the help of a lot of you guys i will do a picture by picture write up on the install

    atm i am using the stock 3.60 pulley with mph powerpipe

    once i get the intercooler installed i will also drop to a smaller pulley to get the boost to 9-10psi since the tune is so safe i dont think i will need a retune from tim i will have to ask him about that to be sure

    i will also be doing a blower cam install a little later

    the goal is 400hp with a very safe tune

    ok ok enuff talk let me post my dyno numbers :

    View attachment 443496

    View attachment 443498

    as you can see i have a very safe tune
    tim told me i can lean the car out to about 11.5-12 doing so i will pick up a lot more hp and tq

    at the track on street tires i was running [email protected] :mad:
    so i am going to get some dr's and some practice and see if i can get in the 12's i was spinning so bad that i think my trap speed is low also
  12. I'm sick of changing this list everytime I get a new mod......Just click on "My Garage" at the top under my user name for the details. :D
  13. See my garage..I'll be into the 500's when I fix the leaky valve cover gasket and regap the plugs (getting blowout at 6500 RPM's, graph in my garage is an older one). Finally have the fuel system to support it.
  14. Here's mine:

    Forged SHM 5.0 Modular Stroker Rotating assembly
    Kenne Bell 1.7 @ 10PSI
    Walbro 255lph In Tank Fuel Pump
    60# Injectors
    SCT 90mm MAF
    2004 PI Heads
    Crower Stage 2 Blower Cams
    Mac Straight Shot CAI
    Mac Longtube Headers
    370RWHP 373RWTQ @ 6PSI on a Mustang Dyno
    Guessing 450RWHP 450+ RWTQ @ 10PSI
    Car is stupid fast.
  15. 98 Mustang GT
    Built short block, Eagle H beams, Probe 17cc Pistons
    PI swapped
    Vortech S trim 8#
    Anderson Power Pipe
    42lb injectors
    Comp XE270AH Cams
    MAC longtubes,X Pipe,Flows
    70mmTB and Trick Flow Plenum
    C&L MAF, Aviator Pump
    3.73 gears
    SCT chip and tune by SWTuning in Oklahoma City.
    Car loses fuel and spark around 5k rpms. KB boost a spark, motorsport wires, Aeromotive fuel rails awaiting install.

    353rwhp 361trq but never really pushed on the dyno.
  16. Can those with a Lightning post here?


  17. 01 Bullitt

    Vortech SQ MOngoose kit, 10psi
    FRPP 3.73s
    All else stock, even exhaust


    View attachment 443235
  18. 94 cobra all stock tb to oil pan
    mpt70 turbo
    tial 38mm gate
    no intercooler
    42lb injectors
    80mm pmas meter
    255 intank pump
    ran 12.51 at 102.9mph with a 2.11 60ft granny shifting at cordova just this friday
    guessing around 400hp? will know for sure in a few days
    heres a few vids from friday. it was my first passes down the track with the car and turbo setup.
  19. Get that damn OHV out of here......modular club members only!!! ;)
  20. Paxton Novi 2000 - 8lbs
    VT engine stage 1 cams
    FRP 42lb injectors
    SVT Focus fuel pump
    KB Boost-a-pump
    Lightning 90mm MAF
    70mm TB
    Trickflow plenum
    Mac longtubes
    Mac Prochamber
    Mac flowpath mufflers

    most important part....SCT tune by Tim Barth :thumb:

    this combo got me 442/397 to the tires on a sooooper safe tune

    i assume that we're just doing power supporting mods, so that's ll i'll list :)