Your cars other than your Mustang

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  1. :rlaugh: Still have all of them..It kinda hard to fix them up with so many.Just go from one to the other spending a little here and there
  2. other than my stellar Ford Mustang V6?


    1984 VW Quantum 5 cylinder, 5 speed wagon (on its last leg but still moving daily with 158k miles)

    1987 Ponitac Fiero GT (show-room stock condition)

    1999 Mitsubishi 3000 GT

    2004 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 (wife's)

    2000 Honda S2000

    1993 BMW K1100RS

    oh and that thing in the garage
    1967 Mustang Fastback S-code

    I need a loan just to pay the insurance.:rolleyes:
  3. :eek: Your starting to sound like Jay Leno. :worthlesb
  4. christ all i gots is two mustangs is that a bad thing :rolleyes: i did get to toy with my dads 63 SS impalla with a completely forged 327 under the hood......CHHEEEERRRRRYYYYYYY best burnout car ever the smoke just billows uut from the wheel wells perfectly
  5. You mean people have cars that aren't Mustangs?!!:shrug:
  6. :lol: this is what im saying!!!! if you own any 4 weeled road worthy thing other than a mustang it must be a ford truck of somekind ;)
  7. Aside from the Stangs, I have a 2000 Craftsman 52" 25hp lawntractor with automatic tranny and positraction. It will run a good 2:58 in the 1/4 mile.

    Does it count?
  8. Picked this up recently to drive because my V6 is still not back together.

    1993 LX Coupe 2.3


    ... set me back a whole $500. :D
  9. :eek: $500? Good deal. The paint looks great on her. How many miles does she have? More pics :D
  10. :stupid:

    That's an amazing deal, especially for a notch. Just last month I saw a '93 2.3 Auto for like $1350. And that one had a dent with rust in it.
  11. I was thinking of selling my 93 auto for $1500-1800, but then again it is in good condition. Engine runs awesome, sat for 4 months and fired up about as quick as my newer V6, and the emmissions are insanely low for an old car. The DP system must be good because when I tore the engine down, it was CLEAN, no carbon in the block. The valves were starting on the verge of being worn, but not anymore. Not to mention already fixed a leaky moonroof, leaks in the engine and radiator, no rust, paint is about 2 years old, brand new headlights. Obviously I've got some TLC in it heh.
  12. Yeah, for $500, the Notch was a great deal.

    It has 185k miles, but runs like a top. No problems at all so far.

    Unfortunately, the paint isn't nearly as good as it looks. The clearcoat is peeling all over the place, but for now, I don't really care how it looks, I'm just interested in it running until my V6 is done and then swapping in a 347. I honestly don't plan on doing much if any "show" until the car is done mechanically. It will probably run 11's or better before I put any significant amount of money into "show." I figure I can pay for a sweet paintjob racing people for money at the track in their Corvette's and Evo's and stuff when they assume it's a junker 5.0. :D

    Also, the interior is pretty nice. The driver's seat and carpet is dirty looking, but the back seat looks unused and the passenger seat is nice too. The dash is perfect. The console doesn't latch, but still works. You don't really NEED a latch.

    Another good thing is that I know the family who has owned it for the last 13 years, since new or within a year or two of it, so I know it's had no accidents, minus the dented front fender from someone backing into it. Fortunately, you can get a Fox fender for just $81 new. :)

    Anyway, I love the car, and I had always wanted a clean Notch (more than a hatch) so when my friend decided to sell it, I jumped on it and got a good deal.

    Well, I could probably talk about it forever, but I'll spare you guys, and point you to the website. I've picked up a few things for it already and have some more pictures/plans on there if you're interested.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliments. :D
  13. What kind of mileage are you getting in your Fox. When I checked, mine was getting ~25mpg in city-ish driving. Pretty dang good considering it was only rated at 21mpg when it was new 13 years ago. :D

    BTW, dang are these things SLOW. One day, I'm gonna hook up my GTECH just to get an idea of how long it would take to go 0-60. I'm thinking like 15+ seconds. :rlaugh: I'm sure your auto isn't helping either. :D
  14. Slow, yes, but the auto has 3.73 gears compared to the manual's 3.55 gears so that helps alot. Gas milage was like 25 city, 30 highway, I enjoyed that at times.