Roush Your chance to buy a killer Saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Probablecause, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Wow.

    I can't believe Chad is selling his famous car. For the work that has been done to it someone will be getting a bargain.
  2. No kidding, wow what a monster!!!!!
  3. I saw it the other day. If i'm not mistaken (and i may be) there is no C4 with overdrive, so i bet it's fast but what kind of rpm does it run on the highway?
  4. I saw that car in the mag a few months back. Did anyone elese notice his stripes are on backwards??? The fading stripe is in the front.
  5. Wow, very nice car. I remember that feature in 5.0 magazine and his video floating around the net.

  6. Ya,

    On the white cars with blue graphics the fade chevron is in front. On the white cars with black it is the other way around. However it appears that Chad has a black fade in front. I thought his car came with black graphics. :shrug:
  7. chad has changed his didn't sell. he's now selling the blower set up. Novi 2000 with all of the goodies.....