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  1. Marcus, by any chance is yours the coupe with the pic in the saleen book?
    Looks to be about 15 similar right?
    What are the odds of finding one of those (remember no gold), but i do like the blue and white.
    And if i could find one, how expensive are they?

    BTW, this was meant to be a pm, but i'm an idiot, and stangnet doesn't let you delete you own posts.

    So i guess anybody with coupe info should chime in too. I also like verts and hatches, but some pics marcus sent me of his SSP car really impressed me, i think the coupe may only work in white.
    I prefer white or black, and dislike the gold.

    Considering doing away with my 90 lx and a serious amount of engine and trans equipment so i could get a real relatively low mileage saleen fox. No shakes, no rattles, no need of paint work.
  2. Hey Joe.

    FYI, I searched for about 3 years for that coupe. I have only been in contact with one other owner of one of the SSP coupes. He's a nice guy from Penn I believe. They were all white. I missed buying the one I have now when Mark had it at PAS. I missed it by a day. That was 2001 I believe and with the help of another guy on the forums bought it from the guy who bought it form Mark.

    That leaves 12 other SSP coupes out there with Howard Hughes type owners. I don't know if we will ever hear anything from them. From what I do know most are still around the Northwest. They all came from Damerow Ford in Oregon.

    That does not mean you can't find another Saleen coupe. They are out there. There was a red one on ebay about a month ago. A blue one about 10 months ago and another white one that sold for 16k or something like that just a couple of weeks ago. I just don't know if you will have any luck with one of the ssp's.

    Just get your LX sold, then you will have the dough to cherry pick something nice. Look at the prices guys are paying for fox body Saleen clones on ebay. I believe there is a white clone for sale now on ebay with 18" Bullitt wheels and it has a bid of 7k or something.

    I'd say you would have dibs on mine if I ever let it go but there are 4 other guys standing in line. :D
  3. Oh,

    and no, that's not mine in the book.
  4. Saleen Coupe

    I am the other owner of a Saleen coupe.I know the one that was originally bought by Penny Willis has a aftermaket sunroof 88 #405.I have looked at about 6 coupes in my life in the past 20 years around the country.It seems recently people are catching the coupe fever.
  5. I thought you lived in PA. My memory has been getting worse over the years so It's nice to remember you were the guy I talked to. I need to buy you some center caps if I remember.:D
  6. If i so decide this could happen fairly quickly.
    Selling an 03 cobra engine is pretty easy these days, and a like new tko 600 isn't a hard sell either.
    I've always liked saleen coupes, just seems though that the white is the only way to go with it at least for me.
  7. Saleen coupe

    Your memory must be going Marcus because I am not owed any center caps.You just emailed me the coil spring pictures.

  8. There are 2 of them in Portland. Know both owners quite well. A third 88 coupe which is not the SSP type is also in Portland. Penny Willis's old 88 coupe I have not seen for a number of yrs. I know she sure misses that ride though:nice:

  9. Ha, yes my memory is going but I thought in the only picture I have seen of your car in your driveway it was missing a cap or 2? I have a couple of extras.
  10. +1, 2 and 3...(I guess 4 and 5 if you count the two I've sold over the years :D )
  11. Saleen coupe

    My car is missing the center caps in the picture but I do have some.I do drive it sometimes and I figured they would fall off.
  12. Robert.

    Stop with the white racist rants.:)

    I was thinking about buying a red car. What do you think?

    Junky. Wrap the edge of the cap that snaps into the wheel with one or two wraps of duct tape. Does the trick and when the wheel gets hot that cap is not coming off for sure!
  13. ....if you take a look at the Saleen National pictures from this past weekend, your red scheme would fit in well in the midwest- red s351's everywhere :nice: So would this so called "colored" car fit in with the Saleen theme, say from 99? on a 2000 chasis?? :shrug:

  14. Damn,

    you got me there.:D
  15. my next question would be, is it in your garage yet?? :p