your definition of low end and top end????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foxfan88, May 5, 2005.

  1. So when someone talks about low end. They mean low in the rpm range is when it pulls the hardest. and high is higher up in the rpms.

    Or is it more of a mph thing? faster at low speeds etc

    Sorta confused.
  2. Its in refrence to the RPM range more then speed.
  3. yep, as you can travel at high speeds and still have a low rpm or travel at low speeds at high rpms
  4. Yo..300bhp ! Just talked to a guy in Middlesex that is doing a Aussie Falcon and twin turbos.. Know Him??

    Low end is the rpm grunt!! it takes the Grunt..torque.. to get the car moving!! Traction to over come the friction loss and then it is the HP that will carry you thru the top end ( usually ment the mid to top end of the qtr mile race!!) If you ever get to look at dyno sheets, there is a point where the HP will over run the Torque ! The thing to do is know the prm drop of the trans when gears are shifted.. and hold the shift till, when made it drops you back in a high torque curve to help keep the car moving ( usually 1-2 shift) then you'll shift at about 10% over the HP curve to get the car faster in the 3-4 shift!! thru the top of the qtr!! Cool?? Looking at big flow numbers and big cams will give more top end ( takes a longer time to build velocity) but with the loss of low end grunt!! Ever hear a guy say...
    ...yeah, but man was I catching you!!" Well usually it is the torque that got you out in front.. and your HP that keeps you there!! The other guy is 3 cars behind on the start.. and runs out of track ( two lane) befor his "Topend" can make up the loss and catch you!! cool??

    Just me......................