Your dream car.. in reality??

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  1. I am 80% done with mine, and drive it on the weekends.


    93 Tbird with a 393 stroker. 100% fun car.
  2. THe 'bird' looks nice.....

    Where'd your weight end up?
  3. my 93 coupe is just fine.........
  4. You know you've done something right when the driveshaft is only 6" long, and the front wheels have to be narrowed in order to keep the tires from hitting the VALVE COVERS at full lock!
  5. a guy i know has the same setup, bone stock down to the exhaust manifolds with a p-1sc that he built while he worked at ati. he put down 532hp and 517tq. he has the same problem with traction, but i was with him on the highway when he absolutely wasted a cbr 600 f4 from an 80 roll. zo6's are bad, for christ sakes they come with a thinner windshield to reduce weight.
  6. Mine would be any fox chassis (mustang, fairmont, 87bird with a 540+ BB and minitub with dumps and huge rear tires. OD would be very nice.

    That or the same chasis with a turbo 393.

    Fuel injection would be preferred for either.

    I am too busy trying to have financial security 30 years down the line to ever build it. That and paying uncle sam over $25,000 a YEAR in income tax.

    Overall, I am very happy with the stang I have now. Wish it was street legal and ran those numbers on pump gas, but what the heck.

    Oh and a 03 cobra with a whipple/turbo, auto and a solid rear axle.
  7. I'm in the process of building mine. Imagine Mike Murillo's engine(with a 331 instead of the 310) in a full Maximum Motor sport suspension 89 GT with a viper spec T56 to hold together under the strain of 800hp, BAER brakes to pull it to a halt. It may never run 8's on that suspension, but I'm sure Mike Murillo's car( :drool: ) won't corner over 1g either.
  8. 96 corvette, infinite yellow or admiral blue
  9. Thanks, last time I weighed it, was 3245 lbs. No idea what it is now. Been spending a lot of time just enjoying it lately. When I pulled into the Nashville stop for the Hot Rod Power Tour, a photographer came up and started asking me some questions. He spent about 45 minutes taking pictures and asking questions. He said he was doing a story about non tradional builds ups for a magazine, and that my car was perfect for it. It made my day... :)
  10. 67 mustang fastback with a 390 and a 4spd.
  11. laser red 98 cobra, with twin turbos, built for cornor carving but is still fast as hell in the 1/4
  12. Ditto along with a 67 camaro.
  13. I Love both these cars,93 Cobra, mclaren f1 :D

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  14. I'll see your F1 and raise you an S7. :D

  15. I just need about 20k to put in my '88 GT and it would be my dream car.

    A 5.0 Foxbody hatch w/ 5-speed has been my dream car since I've been into Mustangs. Now that I have it, I need it to be nicer and faster. :D
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    What can I say... I like project cars.

    A little TLC, this thing'll be pretty close to a dream car.
  17. if its got to be something that i can afford someday then..
    a low mile 93 cobra
    or a 65 or 66 k code fastback red with the white deluxe interior.
    and on the far end of that a mid 80's ferrari 308 like magnum P.I. drove.