Your dream car.. in reality??

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  1. Scucci - the nice thing is you don't have to change the color.....
  2. 75/76 TA w/ 400 and a 4spd! Lots of ponies and a nice shine. Other than that a newer ls1 style TA w/ the ws6 package.
  3. i would make out with rosie odonell for a gnx :hail2:
  4. mine would have to be a Pantera GT5-S, a 70 ford Torino GT and a 68 charger R/T. but the cars i would kill for are a real GT-40, a Countach and a S7.
  5. 03 cobra with some serious mods, S7, original gt40, or a 93 cobra (can i say a ferrari 430 too? i know its a mustang forum... :nice: )
  6. Replica '65 daytona coupe :owned:
  7. :stupid: crap! i forgot in love with those (i cant decide between a real one or a replica...i wouldnt ever drive the real one but a replica would be a sweet driver)
  8. If we could afford a real one (Cobra or Daytona) we probably wouldn't be just dreaming about our dream cars in the forums. ;) In any event, the replicas are MUCH nicer cars/drivers/performers than the original cars ever were. They all had overheating and braking deficiencies, not to mention diabolical handling due to 50 year old suspension technology and frames that were even more flexible than a fox body. Not to say the replicas are the best handling cars in the world, but - let's face it - with the way they can accelerate, you can give up a bit of handling.
  9. well that i can afford..........

    if i got rid of the 88 i could pick up a 03 cobra and do a blower swap. or pick up a 03/04 mach 1 and slap a blower on that. and believe me its hard not to look at that option but i think i am happier with the fox right now i think...........ah hell i don't know anymore, maybe next summer i will be rockin my dream car
  10. Car: 02 double black Trans Am t-top, m6, black interior (Probably won't happen for a long time)
    Truck: 03 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, 5.7, short box, regular cab, off road package 4x4, 5 speed auto, loaded, black with black interior. (Will get if I get hired in where I work, hopefully this late summer/fall)
  11. Mostly have it end up like this,

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  12. ....when I say "Cobra" - I mean the original by Carroll Shelby from the 60's. Originals are going for anywhere from $250,000 to $750,000 (Matt - have we topped $1MM for a big block yet?) depending on whether they're small or big block and what their history is.

    I realize it's a bit of blasphemy in these forums, but any other 'Cobra' is not really a Cobra. It's just that most of you whippersnappers are too young to appreciate the wisdom of that statement. ;)

    By the way, Ford let Car & Driver test drive the new GT500 -- but not officially test it. The good news - they estimate 0-60 in 4.0 sec; 1/4 mile in 12.5 sec; top end ecu-limited at 160mph. Bad news - curb weight is estimated to be 3850 lbs.; test weight of 4050 lbs. with one driver, some fuel and test gear aboard. "Sports car" and 4050 lbs. just can't go together. Sadly, it's brand new and already has become a luxo-cruiser....
  13. a friend of mine went to the photoshoot with the 68 shelby (his brother from Orlando Mustang...who is my dad and I's mechanic/shop.....helped supply the 68 for the shoot. apparently the car was a 5 spd with a 6spd shifter knob on it...they think that car will be around 90% of what the final car will be (it will be a 6 spd).