your drink of choice

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  1. 1. michilada (clamato + beer + lemon juice + tabasco sauce + werchestershire sauce)
    2. liquor (usually vodka, tequila, or rum) + orange juice, rasberry juice
    3. corona + lemon + salt
    4. bud light + shots

    trying to expand my repitoire--what do you guys drink?
  2. 1. JAGER and SO-CO BOMBS (when i have money, those are expensive)
    2. usually just all kinds of beer..try as many new ones as possible

    Going to the beer festival in Lansing this weekend. quite excited
    Going to be doing this when i get there :drool: and doing this when i leave :puke:
  3. I like Crown & Coke

    If its a party i like to make Carabou Lou it's 1/4 Malabu Rum
    1/4 151 1/2 Pineapple juice.
  4. at least 12 miller lites:drool: I can also drink gin kamikazee's untill the sun comes up!!!
  5. grey goose vodka w/tonic or cranberry juice or oj
    jagermiester straight up or w/red bull
    blue moon white ale
    warstiener cuz life's too short to drink cheap beer
    guiness draft stout
  6. captian and ginger with a lime or kettle one and sprite/7up
  7. I thought those mixed drinks were reserved for chicks?

    I'll stick to Budweiser....

    On another note, Joe, I just killed one of those mini Heineken kegs last night. It was pretty damn good...

  8. Beer-
    -Miller lite or Bud lite

    -Red Bull and vodka
    -Red Bull and grain
    -Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper or 7-up
    -Southern Blues (So-Co and Blueberry Schnapps)
    -7&7 (this is my token wedding drink, its the only time I drink it)
    -Orange juice, pineapple juice, and grain
  9. "Feel like spendin some $$" beer: Yuengling and Killians

    Decent beer: Miller Lite

    Get F***** Up beer: Natty Light (I'm in yea)

    Expensive Drinks: Jager Bombs, Tequila Shots, and like Killercanary, I am a fan of Red Bull and Vodka (as long as it's good vodka).
  10. if i feel like spending my paycheck...Top shelf Long Island Ice tea's :nice: ....if not either jim/coke or jack/ horse piss for me:cheers: :notnice:
  11. Amen brother. The guy I go hunting with says that there are 3 kinds of beer:

    1. Bud in a bottle
    2. Bud in a can
    3. Free

    For mixed drinks its Jack and Coke, Captains and Coke. Sometimes on a hot day I'll do a Vodka Tonic.

    For shots, Irish Mist, Kamikaze, Jager Bombs, and of course.. Jose. I LOVE tequila shots.

  12. Draft Bud Light...can't go wrong.
  13. i love Black House shots followed by a beer.

    my fav beer is Sam Adams and Estrella ( a beer imported from Spain)
    but drink Coors light or Corona when the pockets are tight.
    when i really want to get lit i drink top shelve gin with sprite, and heavy on the gin.
  14. i'm in college so its all about the cheapness and getting f***ed up:

    nikoli vodka(100 proof) and monster(energy drink, tastes like redbull but cheaper)

    natural light beer

    ocassionally we switch it up but those are the usuals lol :nice:
  15. I'd say Corona w/lime is probably my fav beer.

    Usually I stick to Bud or Bud Ice. I like to mix it up every now and then, but I havn't found anything I like better yet.

    Occasionally I'll go with some Capt. Morgan. Jager and Red Bull is also another fav of mine.
  16. Beer and once I run out I start shooting Jose Quervo
  17. Grey Goose and Water w/ Barlime
  18. pretty much any hard liquor that is not flavored works for me (i hate crap like coconut rum and baccardi ras). Most beer works too

    I will admit i get a little soft when i drink with the lady freinds. Thats when we break out the Mikes:D

    It takes me FOREVER to get drunk off of just beer alone:bang:
  19. ...Get some good ideas from here.