your drink of choice

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  1. Nice thread. :nice:

    Me: Miller Lite, Bourbon (Jim Beam, if available) & Coke, Margaritas (when out for Mexican food), Corona with lime wedge, LI iced tea. There are tons more I like, but these are the ones I love.
  2. De Los Dorados Tequilla straight up. My fiance and i hammer our brains with that stuff and then we hammer each other! :banana: :spot: :nice:

    "Tequilla......the fastest way into a womans pants"

  3. Bud Light, Bud Select, Michelob Ultra, Natty Ice (although watered down).

    I love Patron. I can drink it straight ..... but I've found that it's a bad idea.
  4. Newcastle, I made a kegerator out of my old fridge, so I buy a keg and that usually lasts me about 6 to 8 months if I drink it alone, about a month when my roomate helps... I dont drink too much but he drinks like a fist...
  5. And Mic Ultra isn't watered down?! I tried a 12 pack of it and ended up giving half that **** away because it was nasty.

    And, I can't believe how many people drink Coronas with lime. Yuck. If I'm drinking Corona, it's straight up.

  6. Bottled water.
  7. He's tired of drinking water. That's all he drinks at parties.:nonono:
  8. Don't you guys whom drink coronas get a terrible hangover. I focking hate corona. I took only 4 of those to give me one of the worst hangovers ever. I've drank corona about 3 times, and I have ended up puking on two occassions and a terrible hangover on the third. I can drink other beer and not get a hangover.
  9. I don't get hangovers (just headaches) for the most part. But I think it's because I try to drink 4-6 liters of water a day, which I think helps out a lot.

    I hope the Canadians appreciate me for using their stupid metric system. :D

  10. i--like "The Dude"--prefer white russians.

    close second is cran and vodka.

    beer is Bass, JW Dundees Honey Brown.

    if i got the wife beater on then it calls for the silver bullet in a can--aka "colorado hippy piss"

  11. Yes ... it is .... but not as bad as Natty (girls beer).

    And I'm w/ you on the Corona's. I hardly ever drink it ... but when I do ... the lime better not be in it. I never get hangover's either ... just headaches. And Corona causes the WORST ones.

    I forgot to mention another of my favorites. Killians Irish Red. I love it.
  12. Kool-Aid! lol
  13. Regular Bud gives me the worst headaches of any beer I have ever drank. Mickeys Ice also gives me a headache, but at $2.XX for a 40oz and a high alcohol content, its a cheap fix!
  14. If I could get a caffeinated Bud Light, I'd be in heaven :D
  15. Barcardi Limon and sprite or with coke. And Jarger shots!
  16. Whatever gets me drunk. All Alcohol tastes horrible.
  17. ewww I dont know how u cans can drink Coors.

    Kokanee right now (BC Beer) and Im lovin the Tom Collins...and of course good old Rum and Coke.
  18. I am one of a very small % who are allerg. to beer (either the barly, or hops) I get VERY ILL, I almosted died 2x's from 2beers the first time I thought maybe it was just as it was one of my first times drinking...after I drank mixed drinks a few times I tried it again and almost died again. I mean :puke: BILE, passing out, chills, rash, breathing issues :eek: .

    My drink of choice is Vodka and cran. I prefer Kettle One, belv., or Grey goose, but on back up Sky, others will do. Smirnoff has a nice twister mixer that is great as well if you dont want to hassle with mixing.

    My newest mixer I like is stoli raz. and 7up or sprite...Killer I would try this, its "kinda" like 7&7 only better, I wouldnt drink them all the time but they rock.

    My breakfest when snowboarding is redbull and vodka with snickers bars :rlaugh: then a flask of peppermint shnapps good until lunch:D great pick me up for first chair after drinking until 11-12 after "rushing" to get the lifts before they close.
  19. anyone else out there a craft/micro brew drinker? i learned the way of the good brews while working at a liquor store for ~4 years...but i'll still drink most any beer so long as it's cold, and especially if it's free. anyway, my favorite craft/micro brewers:

    -three floyds (NW indiana)
    -bells (kalamazoo, michigan)
    -goose island (chicago, illinois)
    -rogue (seattle/portland area)
    -lakefront brewing (milwaukee)
  20. AMEN brother! That's the same outlook I have.

    Rogue does make good stuff, I like their "Dead Guy".

    Basically, I'll divide my beer preferences into "cheap" and "expensive":

    Expensive favorites:
    Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
    Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout
    Young's Double Chocolate Stout
    Stella Artois

    "Cheap" favorites:
    Molson (Ice, XXX, any Molson is good)
    Iron City
    Rolling Rock

    I will drink just about any beer though, except for wheat beers which are ****ing nasty.