your drink of choice

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  1. my favorite beer that i can't never seem to find anywhere is killkenny's(got when i was over seas) -guiness poduct
    i also like tabasco bloody mary mix with some teqilla, capri sun with jack daniels
  2. i forgot about samuel smith's and some of the other good stuff from England....soooo good.
  3. Capt and coke, or capt and ginger, or capt in a shot glass

    Otherwise, bud light
  4. It'll Get Ya Drunk!!!

  5. Yep, getting drunk never tasted so good :)
  6. your beer list is perfect:D except throw corona up in between $ and decent...
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    Mmmm, ****, it'll get ya drunk!
  8. Non-Cheap Beer:
    3.Blue Moon sans Orange Slice
    4.Sam Adam's

    Cheap Beer:
    1.Miller High Life
    2.Miller Lite

    1.Woodford Reserve DoubleShot Straight Up:hail2:
    2.Maker's Mark
    3.Bailey's on the Rocks