Your Engine Compartment!!!

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  1. Weber IDF's, 302 w/289 heads.

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  2. Damn, that is sweet! Post more pics of the car please.

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  3. my 289

    well granted its a bit dirty here, it's my 289. other than the eddelbrokc intake and holley carb...its stock.

  4. 69 Mach 1 engine bay

    The shaker top was not installed for these pics.[​IMG]


    The ps pump, AC compressor and clutch are from Advanced Auto. The ps pump was spec'd for an '85 Mustang. The AC from an '84 F-150.


    I'm torn between the nostalgia of keeping it looking like it did in '69, and the functionality of a restomod. I have several NOS hoses, and reproduction stuff all over it, but there are some things you just can't hide (like the AC compressor).

  5. i kinda like how that compressor at least keeps the stock looking lines and connections on the side. i can't stand the the sanyo coversions that have the lines entering from the rear and back, i like the more stock appearance of the way you have yours hooked up.
  6. That was one of the big plusses for me as well. The '84 F-150 (and I'm sure other years as well) uses the same compresser as the Fox Mustang but it has a single sheave pulley. I rotated it 90 degrees clockwise to put the hose connections in the stock location. The original suction hose just screwed right in to the Fox Mustang suction fitting. I used one from a Fox because it has the schrader valve built in. The Discharge fitting required some custom fabrication. It uses the original discharge valve that came on the '70 and up York compressors.
  7. i have often thought about having someone make an ABS plastic (or some type of composite) cover made to look like a stock york compressor to use with something like the compressor you used. i never knew what compressor to use either, that would allow the stock style lines to be used. now i just to come up with a bunch of money and have someone make the said cover. :rlaugh:
  8. damn you guys and all your beautiful engine bays!!! Seriously some beautiful looking motors in here! You won't see a pic of mine until it has the turbo on it....sooooo you're gonna be waiting about 6 or so months! :p
  9. Not quite and engine compartment yet, but getting closer, I picked up my valve covers and timing chain cover from the local chrome plating shop, today.


  10. More chrome on that then some Harleys lol.
  11. I am painting the car next weekend then I will post some new photos. Thanks for the praise.
  12. from the left side. That black thing you see is the Boss 429 hood scoop that the shop owner's kid was holding while I took teh shot


    from the right side


    sorta from the front


    and a view of the Boss 302 shock tower reinforcements welded in and primed.


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  13. ^^ Very nice and clean, it's coming along great! :nice:
  14. Thanks. The only problem is that the cost is astronomical. I had to rent my dogs out for spankings and sell one of my wife's kidneys in order to pay for it all.
  15. At least you have your priorities straight! Car first!! :lol:
  16. [​IMG]

    Where are you guys getting the tube steel export / monte carlo bars that attach to eachother from??? I think they would be a nice addition to my sloppy stock suspension :)
  17. I think they are from TCP.
  18. Yup your right, about 400 for the whole set.... not quite too much money to rule out but damn the standard bar/ $30 export brace is so much cheaper :)
  19. Realistically you could make your own using commonly available parts. Very few pieces in the kit, if any, are complicated. Measuring correctly is the key to making the pieces fit.
  20. Yeah, measuring and then likely adding half an inch or more to push the towers back out to where they should be. One of my buddys has cnc access at work and a lot of machining tools in his garage, too bad ive already got him "working" on 2 projects.

    Maybe this can go on his 5 year plan!