Your Engine Compartment!!!

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  1. New member here, heres an engine shot of a car I'm just about finished with.

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  2. very nice. I like the blower type belt/alt belt.
  3. hey PT, good to see you over here.:nice:
  4. Picture061.jpg

    Just need to quit toying with my Notch and make this fit in there...


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  5. cool, can't wait to see more pics!!!
  6. Those asking about the thermostat housing that goes straight up...

    It's off a Fox or SN95 car. It'll bolt up just fine to an early or latemodel intake too.

    Cheap and you can get them over the counter at your favorite parts house!
  7. My 70 mach1 408 Cleveland


  8. I have a nice shiny engine bay I'd like to show y'all! there a photo album function or something here that I can put the pics on? I've tried photo hosting places, but even when they actually get back to me it just never seems to work out...and downsizing all my pics to fit on here is a PITA too...
  9. My Engine Compartment

    67 fastback restomod, building for occassional open track events.



    351w roller block, Vic jr heads & roller rockers, airgap manifold, canton RR pan.

    Hid as much wiring as possible by relocating battery in trunk & running most electrical under fenders.

    Also, fabricated this relay panel in the pass side fender apron.
  10. Where did you get the distribution block for all the incoming power wires? I've been looking everywhere for something just like that!