Your Favorite Ford Racing Cam

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by r6bullet, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. I am trying to decide on a cam, And I kinda whanted to know from the people that have these cams what they think of them. The engine it would be going in would be a 347 with afr 185s. Or can you recomend a cam for me? Thanks For your help
  2. E or F cam........
  3. with those heads X for sure.....................if you want a shelf cam.
    if not go FTI.............................??!!!!
  4. it sounds like you aren't looking a a cheap motor there, so why not get the best cam for the setup? go custom. its not a lot more when you look at the total you are investing in the engine, and you will have a cam designed for your setup. from what I hear, most guys are paying about 325 for a custom grind from ed curtis.
  5. yep and worth every penny of it. :hail2: :hail2: :)
  6. But don't forget to add in cost for upgraded springs for the custom, I doubt stock 185 springs are up to task of an FTI cam.
  7. I'm sure they would be just fine. Also, just because it's custom doesn't mean it's going to have monster lift.
  8. I got the E cam on my CHP 306 with tfs heads, hardened pushrods, tfs 1.72 roller rockers, and it thumps pretty hard, its louder than my vortech s trim ...
  9. the e cam is perfect for SC's i had it for a year and could not get it to work right in NA setup, then i got a B cam and gained 40 hp and gained .7 at the track, i would check out this ed curtis guy i've seen his name everywhere and alot of the fast cars use his cams so i would take a look.
  10. All the Ford cams are/were designed with 302 cubes in mind; the 347's extra cubes make it an entirely different animal in terms of how it responds to the cam. A cam designed for a 302 will be milder in a larger displacement engine. The few dollars you save wouldn't be worth it to me. Optimize your set up however wild or mild you want it. Contact Buddy or Ed and let them design one for your needs - the only way to go with a stroker.