your favorite II memory?

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  1. what's yours?

    mine is just sitting in the car thinking about finding a car that i really enjoy driving and that hardly anyone else has. some people dont like IIs but that what i like about it. they are small, fast, good hadling cars that i like the styling of. to be able to own one is one of my dreams. i really just like looking at my car and thinking about all the projects i have for it
  2. Many Favorites!! Years ago went to a beach boys concert at one of the ski resorts here on a double date. Afterwords the traffic getting out on a single lane road was horrific dead stop for 2 hours, so we opened the hatch put on some tunes and hung out with all the other concert goers. It became a mini road party of sorts, at one point I turned off the tunes and the crowd demanded I put them back on. Not to mention my date was "hot" ;) Of course there are always the go to lookout point open the hatch, drop the rear seat, look at the stars, makeouts. Hatchback II's ROCK!! for this. :)
  3. I guess my favorite memories are all the times I "got it back" Like the day we bought it, and then all the times it was in the shop and I couldn't drive it and the day I got it back and got to drive it again. :) Oh and all the times we "almost" got in a lot of trouble but my driving skills got us out. hehe

  4. I do the same thing. :D
  5. Looks just like mine. :love: :D
  6. I was in elementary school, and we had to cut things we liked out of magazines to make a collage of sorts. I'm pretty sure this was the ad I cut a '78 cobra out of:

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    I still remember thinking how awesome that car looked.
    Strange though, how the way I became a II owner later on seems like just a coincidence :shrug:
  7. Back in high school (20+ years ago) we used to go down to the lakefront and cruise the strip that ran along the beach. My buddy had a '76 coupe with a built 302 and we usually just hung out and listened to BTO or Ted Nugent and talked about girls and watched the cars cruise by. One night that sticks out though, is when a few of us decided to get in a burnout contest down the strip. What a night..... a dozen teenage boys and a half dozen high horsepower cars turning usable tread into smoke while being cheered on by a bunch of other hormone crazed teenagers.

    Memories..... Just typing this brings back the scent of rubber burning and the sound of a 6000 rpm small block and two teenage boys giggling like school girls....

    And yes, 20+ years later I still have a II and I still sit in it occasionally and think about all the good times I've had in one (and sometimes the not so good ones) but I always think "what a cool car" anytime I'm in it.
  8. OK picture this

    summertime, Oak Harbor Washington, 1992, sunset, me alone in the II, parked watching EA6Bs shooting approaches out of the setting sun, Eagles/America on the radio

    dunno why but I did that ALOT and it is one of my favorite memories still to this day

  9. There are so many cool memories associated with my II, but some of the best ones are; Night cruises with the windows down are always fun, and the first test drive after swapping in a new engine that's about 100 hp more than the previous motor is probably the coolest thing of all.
  10. Last night set a new record for best moments in my 78. I went out to the track and got picked on for having a 4cyl Mustang. That was until I had 2 back to back runs at 13.23 and 13.35. The car still needs a bunch of tuning but that's not bad for an engine a little bigger than a coke bottle :)
  11. It's just a little Pinto motor, but the Roush 2.3 race Mustangs were making 750hp, so.. yeah.