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  1. Hey, I was just wondering when everyone got their first II? I got mine when i was 15! I am now almost 18 so i havn't had it TOO long but i've fallen in love with it just the same.
  2. Hi Feldspar!

    I got my first II when I was 17 (I'm 30-something now). Here's a pic of it. It was a 302. Except for the motor and the sport mirrors it looked just like the one I have now down to those dratted hubcaps. Spooky, huh?

    p.s. you can see I lived in a Mustang neighborhood .. check out the cars across the street.


    Here's the car I traded for the II. you can't see the huge rusted out hole in the passenger side floor in this picture. haha I've gotten one speeding ticket in my life in THIS car, which shook to (rusty) pieces at 45 mph. :shrug:

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  3. I was 16 it was a 78 stallion v-6 yellow/black

  4. 1978
  5. got mine when I was 16, 39 now and it's still in the driveway.
  6. Got mine in 1989, and I still have it.
  7. got my KC in 91, and it is still in my garage not finished!!
  8. I was 16 and I had just gotten my license. It was a 4 cylinder/4 speed combo with tangerine paint and a black interior. The odometer showed just 15k original miles. The year was 1998 and it became my reliable daily driver for many years. I'm now 23 and the car is torn down to just a shell in a garage with a 302/5 speed/8" rear combo waiting to go in. I don't want to ever get rid of the car.

  9. I got mine at 16 but it was 2 months before I turned 17, it was my 2nd car and 2nd mustang I've owned.
  10. Looks like 16 might be the magic number :). I got my first II at 16 also. Was a red/white Ghia, 302/C4 car. Paid $150 for it from a friend's dad. Gave it a tune up and fluid change, and it ran awesome. Was hooked from there on :D .
  11. Got mine at 1984 uggggg im getting old.

    You a geologist Feldspar?
  12. my first actual mustang was at 15 it was an 89 mustang lx 4 banger auto.
  13. My first was back in 83, she had been rode hard before I came along, but she broke me in well. I remember the first night I was all giddy to take her home with me. She stayed with me until 1991 when she died in a crash. I was heartbroken, but she lived on as many of the nicer things she had were donated to my second. This one still lives with me today and enjoys a life of luxury in heated garaged bliss... :rlaugh:

  14. got my first in 92, a 76 COBRAII, white w blue stripes,auto,302.
    Totalled last year. Driving my 77 COBRAII black 302HO,now an auto.I got last year.
  15. 1980.

    Still have it.
  16. The great bicentennial year, 1976. :flag:

    Here's to baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and FORD Mustang II's! :hail2:
  17. Aww she was an organ donor.
  18. Dude,yer startin' to scare me.
  19. I was 16 when my dad took me to buy my first car. A brown 74 coupe with a 4 banger and 4 spd.$ 900.00 I had to give for her. Four yrs later and a pile of money(and tickets) ,but boasting a stout 289 w/ 351w heads,tunnel ram ,nitrous,and a gear drive, I had to sell her, to get money for my 79 pro streeter. I got $ 4500.00 bucks for the 74 but she would be short lived. The guy I sold her to had her for a total of 4 days before wrapping her around a pole. :( OH WELL, now some 18-20 yrs later and I have my 77 cobra clone.And this one gets the same looks my 74 did back then! :D

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  20. I got my firt II when I was 17 (1992).

    1)1978 Mustang II 2+2 T-top V6 Auto. I rebuilt and swapped in a 302 and had it almost road ready when I bought a parts car for $50.00 that upon a closer inspection was in much better shape than the 2+2.

    2)1978 Mustang II Ghia V6 Auto. Bought it for $50.00 from a body shop. It was painted, but not paid for, so the shop seized it. It sat there for a few years until I rescued it. I swapped the V8 into it and all the good parts from the 2+2. It was a rusty turd with a nice paint job. I raced it to death. The floor was a little rusty and in the end the frame twisted and the doors would not close and the roof had a stress crease.

    3)1974 Mustang II Mach 1 V6 Auto. Bought it for $100.00. It had ralley wheels with brand new tires and brakes. The dude's wife said if one more thing went wrong with it, it had to go. The EGR valve started leaking so he put it up for sale. I passed it many times. Thought it said $1000 on the sign but it said $100.00 (small print). I used it for parts. The 3.55 gears and the ralley wheels are still on / in my current car!

    4) 1978 Mustang II Mach 1 V8 Auto T-top. Bought it as a rust-free shell from my best friend that was parting it out. I rebuilt all the suspension and drivetrain components from the Ghia and assorted left over body panels to create my dream II. One more year of $420.00 a month payments and it will be mine.............

    So many kool parts, so little credit..........

    Next Round (Round 2):
    -Big Brakes, 15" wheels and tires
    -N.o.s tail lights, side markers and bezels
    -new seats and an interior of some discription.
    -Nitrous bottle heater, gauge and purge kit.

    Round 3
    -Rebuild and swap in the Mark VII engine.
    -Edelbrock heads for above.
    -Holley 174 Blower.
    -Built 8.8 Posi
    -Adjustable coil-overs

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