Your First II

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  1. I got my 1st one in the fall of 2001. It was a white and gold 77 Cobra II auto.

  2. 29 years ... 27 years for me .... Cobraman 25, 74 is 23 years, Joe 21 .....
  3. I think the only I have left from II #1 is the dash, a couple of the tags, the title and the motor mounts.

    I still have the Top Loader (A real RUG, not the wimpy thing called a Top Loader these days), steel bell and 11" flywheel I installed to get rid of hte damned factory RAD. Obviously those aren't factory but they were in #1 for a looong time.

    It's not so much organ donor as continuitity. Long as I continue to use Her parts, or hold onto them, II #1 lives.

    Damned, I forgot the throttle cable and bracket! :)

    I feel bad for crushing her ..... I suppose I should.
  4. I got my II in January 2002. So it's only been about 3 1/2 years now. But it's definately gone through one hell of a change.
  5. damn, I am at 15 years of II ownership, next year it will be half my life
  6. I was 16 and just got my license on April Fools day 1986. Next came my first car that I bought April 15, for $175. I remember selling my new 10 speed to help pay for it :rlaugh:

    1976 4 cylinder 4 speed MPG coupe (traded it in for a Cobra II a year later)


    Hard to believe it's been almost 20 years...
  7. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    :nice: :nice:
  8. lol, scare myself sometimes... good thing I put all those ha ha's in the post so ya'll know I just had one to many root beers that day. heh heh...