Your First Mod's

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by ApexStang, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Alright guys, let's here em'. What are your first mod's going to be when you get the 05? I am thinking a set of Torq Thrust II wheels in chrome at all four corners. Upgrade the exhaust, K&N Filtercharger........

    Those will be my first mods.

    Can't wait!
  2. nitrous til the warranty is up then a turbo kit.
  3. No clue. Fuzzy dice maybe.
  4. rims since the 18s wont be available right away, hopefully 03 cobras will fit
  5. I think most people will go Rims, exhaust ,pulleys, Springs,Cold air or maybe even a Hood.

    can't wait to see
  6. new grille, getting rid of the 2 middle lights. new rims if the stock ones suck.

    then performance mods..
  7. I wouldn't get one until they've been out for maybe 5 years. Then I'd tear the engine down and build it up with a TT kit.
  8. Either bore it out and stroke it or put a supercharger on it first. Then I would put long tubes, glasspacks, and suspension upgrades.....
  9. Wait for a special edition, or maybe the SVT, that already has performance upgrades, then baby it and keep it stock. :D
  10. wheres the fun in that....................................j/k
  11. Your right, modding is fun, but I'm going to try my best to resist this time around. I want to keep my next Mustang for a long time.
  12. ez... first mods for any performance oriented true stangers is gears and a K&N!... then a whole long list follows... I already have a Nitrous Oxide system waiting to be installed... ;)
  13. First trip will be to the gear shop for a set of 4.10's, Next will be a Pro 5.0 shifter, next will be subframe connectors, next will be exhaust...if it's available. I would like to get some long tubes, an H-pipe, and a cat back, but I doubt that they will be on the market yet. After that, probably a cold air intake to smooth things out a bit.

    As for rims and tires, I think Edelbrock has a snappy looking rim in 18" that would look great, and some 275/40/R18's on the back and 245/40/R18's on the go with that, some big cheese grater breaks and red calipers.

    Hopefully, that will get me solidly into the 13's and able to drive it daily.

  14. Build a ducktail spoiler and mach 1 style chin. Tinted windows, shifter, and maybe try building a hood.
  15. For starters:
    1. Dark window tint
    2. 18" or 19" X 9" SSR GT3 Satin wheels (on Mineral Gray Stang)
    3. K & N air filter
    4. Magnaflow exhaust
    5. 4.10 gears
    6. Kenwood Excelon head unit
    7. MB Quart mids/tweets
    8. JL Audio subs
    9. Phoenix Gold amps
  16. I hope you are doing the isntallation yourself...would hate to have circuit city, best buy or wherever, cut into my new stang....I don't trust those shops worth a damn for a new Mustang!
  17. Probably wait for the first blower to come out. First catback, gears, throttle body. Then wait it out.
  18. That's a good point. Actually I always have it done. I don't have the time or patience. And, I haven't been impressed with any of the shops I've used on my last several cars.

    I'll be doing a lot of homework before leaving it with anyone. Maybe the stock stereo will be good enough to leave in.

    Nah....... I doubt it. :rolleyes:
  19. I dunno, the delphi/shaker/mach 500, will be plenty powerful for me....for now anyway...!