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  1. how old were you when you got your first mustang? what was it? do you still have it today? i had a 1994 30th anniversary vert. that i got for a X-mas present but someone hit me in the side and totaled it :( i have pics of both my stangs in my sig if u wana see what happened to my vert.
  2. 23
    95 GT
    It's my daily driver and I'm very happy with it.
  3. Just turned 17 when I got mine, it's the one I have in my sig. Almost 19 now.
  4. I was 17 when I first got my stang. Now I'm 18. Not one ticket yet! :banana: I just know where the "right" places are to go fast. People who get pulled over for speeding are morons.
  5. Got mine @ 17, I am now 20. I still have it, however due to explosion it is currently undergoing a massive reconstruction-
  6. I was 19 when I got my first Mustang, which is also my current mustang...a 95 Rio Red Cobra. It was not the best financial decision to decide to take out a loan to buy a mustang during college, but oh well....I haven't regretted it yet. I'm now 21 and I plan on keeping this one for many years to come.

    now a little pic whoring for me... :banana:

  7. I was 16 when i got mine, it was a 1975 Mustang II, gangsta stsyle with the 2.8L and a 4spd. Blew a headgasket and scrapped the car, got my second when i was 21, 1985 GT, t-tops, 5 speed, all stock, it had been in the family forever, it got sold with 295K on the ticker. Original motor other than a new crank because it broke. The newest one is in my sig, and i am 24 now.
  8. I got a 4 cyl. fox when I was 16, then had a zx2 for 6mths, then bought my new stang when I was 17.
  9. those are big words coming from someone who has been driving for a year. I have non-moronic friends who have been pulled over for 4mph over. People who judge so easily are morons.

    But anyways, drop that subject.

    15 1/2 years old- 1994 Opal Frost Auto V6
    16 1/2 years old- 1994 Canary Yellow 5 Speed GT
    17-19 years old (present)- 1995 Black 5 Speed GT
  10. when i was 15 i got a 4cyl '87 auto hatch back, POS!!
    Now 3 years later i'm on my 5th mustang, WAY better than my first one :D
  11. When I was 17 I bought a 92 LX 2.3L...I LOVED it! It was slower than molassis, but it got the addiction started. Now 24 years old and five Mustangs later and I think I found a keeper in my 95 GT.
  12. My dad got mine when I was 15 and he gave it to me when I turned 16. Im 17 now and still driving it.
  13. 47. I've had it almost 4 years; 1995 Rio Red Cobra. Bought it for me when looking for a used car for my daughter. Totally stock when purchased, now the only thing stock from the air filter to the rear lug nuts is the transmission. Everything else is upgraded; but car still looks stock.

    Stroked & balanced 331 (9.5:1 compression), kb supercharged, with snow methanol injection among other things.
  14. got my 94 cobra when i was 17(almost 18). all the money i had saved, was invested onto 4 wheels :). i got it from a college proffesor, who bought it for his mid-life crisis. in these past 3 1\2 years i've put 18K on her, and she's my baby.

    1 year after that i got a 88 lx, with 80K on it, fresh paint, and a pretty much stock setup, perfect for a fresh build ;). still got them both
  15. At 17, I got my first. It was a '90 GT, and having never known what the previous owner did to it, it ran 12.8 once on street tires. The rest of the runs were 13.3-13.5's. It was a total POS though, after having rearended someone who stopped at a green light, having my hood flip and dent up my roof, and getting rear ended all on separate occasions. Ended up trading it for my 95 back in '99, and I've had it since.
  16. :lol:
    If you find her, see if she has a hot sis for me :rlaugh:
  17. I was 17 and I got a 2001 V6 stang. that lasted till I played bumper cars on the interstate. (number 5 of a 6 car pile up) then at 18 I bought my 95 stang and now I'm 19 and I just bought a 69 fastback.
  18. Got a 92 lx 4 banger(tranny went out) when i was 15 and then went to the 95 gt when i was 17
  19. Drove my Bro's fairly stock 1969 stang in 1984 for about a year... In 1985, got a '73 vert with a 351 cleveland.

    In a new Tbird to go to Pharmacy school in.

    1994, got my current stang, but other than exhaust and gears, didnt start modding it until about 3 yrs ago, thanks to Vib and others!!1

  20. I was 20 when I got mine. I traded a built up DSm in and they gave me a check for $6000 and the car. It is a 1995 mustang GT. I had the car on the road 4 days befor I did wheels, Vortech s-trim, Mac headers, Mac off road h-pipe, and dumps. I then got tired of it in less then 2 months and tore it all apart, and built this

    Well I was too young and too imature for that setup, especially for a street car. I would have killed myself. I ended up selling the motor and supercharger kit with less than 2000 miles on it to a guy who was building a fox body drag car. After I took the motor and all out, the car sat at my shop in the corner, then at my house for 4 years. I just recently dusted it off to get it back on the streets. I just purchased a rio red 1995 cobra that was hit in the rear, and totalled (ill post pics up next week) to steal all the parts I need.