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  1. I was 18 when I bought my 95. I've had it for almost 7 years now :nice:
  2. 2 months before my 16th B-day I got my '91LX 2.3L which I drove until summer of '97 when I traded it for a '95GT convertible AODE. I was in college working 2 jobs to pay for it at the time, and 6 months later I bought my current stang. I REALLY miss my '91, it was slow as hell, but it was still a blast to drive.
  3. when it came time to buy a car after i had gotten my license, the only thing i wanted was a foxbody gt. the only foxes i ever came across were v6 lx's, except for this one '91 gt that was wrecked... guy wanted 6K for it... riiight. since then i've had a few other vehicles, but this is my first pony and undoubtedly my favorite. i know it should probably be a house, but as soon as i graduate college (next year, hopefully), my first major purchase is gonna be a new model gt.
  4. Teal 93 LX 4 cyl. auto. totalled it few weeks before i was gonna get my 5.0 with a 5-speed to put in it. I was a nice comfortable car that got awesome gas mileage.
  5. I was 16 my dad bought me an 84 or 85 can't remember now v6. Started working on it and the guy at the garage where i get my stuff inspected said theres no emissions stuff on that car I won't even look at it either get rid of it or turn into a drag car, So we traded in on my 66 coupe. My mom started buging me that I neede a more reliable car and a mustang was the only option. I wanted a gt vert but then i got to thinking how easy they would be to break in and everybody wanted to much at dealerships. At 18or 19 I met a couple guys at fire school that told me about a gt that was for sale so they pointed it out to me. I seen it and fell in love lol bought it a few days later which just so happens to be my lime green 94 gt. I'm 22 now and never plan on getting rid of it. LOL so much for more realible its torn apart more then its on the road
  6. I was 15 when I got my first Mustang 65 2+2 289 4 speed.
    Sold it an got a 69 Mach 1 351W 4 speed
    Got married had 4 kids had to sell it.
    95 GT still got it.
  7. At 17 I bought my first, it was a white 88 gt with aftermarket t-tops that leaked. I put a few bolt ons on it, dropped it about two inches with 17" roh zr6's dipped in chrome, 4 twelves in the hatch and a 250 shot of nitrous, it was nicknamed the roadrunner and was the fastest car in my high school but didnt last long with that much NOS. I sold it a week before the engine went after having it for about two years, now Im on my third and have a lot of plans for this one.
  8. Im 24 now
  9. 89 GT, lowered 1" with flows
    sold it to get my 94
  10. Ohh yeah I was 25
  11. Got mine at 19, or about 6 months ago. Pics are attached.

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  12. I bought mine when i was 16. Coming up on two years this november :nice: .
  13. lets see, bought 67 coupe with inline 6 at 16(nice but not enough power) bought wrecked 67 coupe with 289 at 17 and replaced the front body panels radiator support and other stuff from a front end wreck, drove it for a while, got 98 3.8 when 19, but again not enough power so traded it for my current 95 gt
  14. Had no clue about mustangs or cars or anything and my grandmother had an old mustang I've seen once when I was maybe 11 or 12. She said she wanted a newer car...boy did I get ****ing lucky. 95 GT Black Convertible. AODE though. But still, I had no clue how lucky I started off with a 5.0. I have to pay 300 a month though.
  15. i got my 94 gt vert when i was 16 (ill be 17 in sept.) then it got totaled a week ago. rip 97eh22 :( :flag:


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  16. I was 17 when i got my first stang, 18 before i could pay it off and drive it, paid in full by myself $5,200... It's a 1995 KennyBrown GT40 MustangGT.... I've had it 2 years now and put about 1K in it to get it running decent.

    btw...when i was 16 i bought a 1977 Maverick!! it was as close to a mustang as i could get at the time...ha! u should see those things