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  1. Believe it or not, I still have not driven a Mach1, though I am in negotiations. I've gone into this making sure not to lose my sense by driving it (falling back on past experience with a C5 and '03 Cobra).

    So what am I missing out on? I've driven a lightly modded automatic 2000GT for four years. I test-drove a 2001 Cobra after my mods and took it straight back to the delearship because it was doggy slow. This is the same motor, with a shaker scoop and 3.55 gears. Is that ALL it took to make the 32V quick?
  2. Where did the heat come from?

    Good questions, I am not the best at the technicals, but I know what I feel. My experience in n/a mustangs is limited to 4 models: a 1995 GT 5.0 slowboat, a 1998 Cobra with roughly the same horses as the Mach (also a 32 valve double overhead cam), my 2002 modded GT (S-281 #382), and my wife's 2004 Mach with manual 5-speed. The Mach holds the road a heck of a lot better than the old cobra, and the Mach can take my s-281, even if I get the jump in the 0-60 mph range. The DOHC 32 valve Mach red-lines at 6700 rpm as opposed to the 5500 RPM red-line on the SOHC 16 valve GT. The punch at 4,000 rpm to 6500 rpm is awesome.

    If you can get a test drive without screwing up your deal, I suggest taking the Mach for a spin. My feelings were swayed by the improved handling over the old Cobras, and the power on launch was impressive. I believe the Mach has a cast block with forged crank, compared to the old aluminum blocks on the earlier 4.6l cobras, but someone correct me if I am wrong. The thing I suggest you get a feel for is the manual transmission. My wife loves it compared to my short throw 5 speed on the saleen. I am not as fond of the Mach 5 speed. You need to feel it to see if it "fits".

    Where does the speed/power come from? my guess is a well-balanced mix of the 32 valve DOHC with the 3.55 rear end. Seems to be pretty finely tuned. I asked for some Mach exhaust mods guidance on another thread, and I am thinking hard about one reader's response: be careful what you modify in the exhaust because Ford put a lot of effort into tuning the Mach. I still struggle with the concept that an H-pipe can outperform an x-pipe, but hey, what the heck do I know? Most of you guys are a lot smarter and more experienced in this stuff than I am. But I think the best thing you can do to make sure that this is the right amount of smoke for your money is to get in it and burn some rubber. Good luck

    The Bee
  3. Go pick up a Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine and read about how they loved the Mach 1.
    Its the issue with the comparison test of the 03 Mach 1, 03 Cobra, and 04 GT.

    Oh, and our engine block is all aluminum with a forged steel crank in the 5 speeds. They said this block is in no way related to the 01 Cobra motors. Thats the first I had read that. They said the Mach 1 will smoke the 01's by far.

    Figure if you test drive it......your gonna want to keep it :nice: Their a lot of fun. :banana:
  4. According to the March issue of MMFF: "to reiterate for the final-time, This is absolutely, positively NOT the '96-98 Cobra motor; nor is it a detuned '99-01 Cobra engine." The differences are:

    1) block (aluminum vs. cast iron)

    2) heads

    3) cams

    I thought this was one of the best pieces I've ever read in MMFF...and I'll definitely be ordering a copy of the 55-minute video they made to go with it!
  5. Great posts

    I made my first launch this AM picking up the car before work to drive it for the day. I nailed it out of the lot and onto the freeway. When the nose dived on the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts, I thought I may be I turned the Traction Control off and tried again. This Oxford White Mach ROCKETED to 95, and after I let out a banshee cry, I declared the ride SOLD! Man, this thing hauls.

    Bee, you're right on the money about accelleration after 3000RPM. With aggressive shifting, I've been able to keep it in that 3000-redline range easily. The shifter was much smoother than I expected. The '03 Cobra I test-drove was clunky, even on the 1-2 shift, worse on 2-3. I'll have to feel a short-throw shifter sometime to get a comparison.

    Cudo's to MMFF, my dealership owes them big-time b/c that is the article that made me want the Mach. As I agonized over letting my 'almost paid-for' GT go, bits and pieces from that article kept coming to mind. Even though the '03 Cobra IS a track beast, the writers seemed to like 'driving' the Mach better, and I agree. The Cobra feels heavy to me in turns, unless I'm steering with the throttle. The Mach goes exactly where I put it, and turns harder with a little throttle after the apex. Good job Ford :flag: You've built the "GT" we've been craving from the factory and gave it Mach1 badging :nice:
  6. Congratulations on your new Mach! For some reason, I just knew you wouldn't wait until you paid-off your '00 GT!!! :D
  7. LOL, you're right Stone, I just needed you guys to talk me into it :p

  8. I've had an 01 Cobra, no flames please, for about 20 months now. It's a great car, although when the Mach Is came out I had to take a look. I could have ordered a 03 Mach I when I got the Cobra, but I did not like the colors.

    I drove a 03 Mach I about a year ago and that car did not feel that strong to me. It seemed to fall flat after about 6000 RPMs. I actually did not think it would take my cobra. The engine must have been tight or there may be quite a bit of variation in the motors.

    After watching the 01 Cobra versus Mach I thread over the last couple of weeks, I thought I had to have missed something.

    I just got back from my friendly Ford dealer. I drove a new 04 Mach I with only 25 miles on it. This car was quick. It had great low end torque and pulled all the way to 7000 RPM. The seats felt very similar to my 01 Cobra seat, which is great. I don't think you can go wrong with this car.
  9. I just parked an 03 Mach 1 in my garage today. Wish it were mine, but I get to borrow it from my father-in-law for 2 weeks. So far there is less than 900 miles on the car. I drove it from his house to mine today and OMG, it was the best Mustang I've driven to date and I've driven lots of Mustangs (Cobras and GT's).

    Here what my impressions were over my current 94 GT:

    1. Brakes are way better and feel perfectly strong.
    2. Suspension is just right for curves and straight acceleration.
    3. Engine pulls hard in every gear.
    4. Felt like I could take on any car at stoplights. Just plain fast from a stop!
    5. Comfortable ride and great feel, just like the expensive suspension upgrades.
    6. Finally, a scoop that does something. Great to look at.
    7. Hydraulic clutch is much better than my 94.

    I'll be driving this a good bit for the next couple weeks. Lots of looks from others on the way home, and on that trip I took out a new RX8 and a top end Benz. Both cars were new, but the drivers did seem wimpish (after leaving both many car lenths behind, they wanted no part of what I had to offer anymore). Just awesome. :)
  10. Just Do It!!

    :banana: Test drove and bought my '03 Mach in a heart beat last week. It only had 5000 miles on it. Can't wait for this crappy weather to break so I can do some serious driving.

    Any thoughts on putting the K&N Air Filter in? Long term implications anyone?


  11. K&N filters are used in many applications without an issue. I can't see how the Mach I would be different.
  12. The only recurring issue I regularly hear from K&N users is that the light coating of oil in the filter element sometimes 'fouls' the MAP - resulting in rough starts and a need to clean off the sensor. Other than that, they swear by 'em - although, practically-speaking, how much difference in HP do K&N's REALLY make? Is it $50+ well-spent?

    Considering the fact that they're supposed to last for a "million" miles, it seems they would eventually pay-off sooner or later? :shrug:
  13. Thanks...

    I appreciate the info. A friend of mine has one installed in his V6 stang (99) and said after he installed the K&N, he began getting between 8 and 10% better gas mileage. We both do a lot of highway miles, so there is more cruising miles. Sound realistic? :shrug:
  14. Actually the K&N filters are ok, the problem comes from people washing them and not knowing how much oil to put on.

    Think about it, how much oil is to much oil and what if I didn't put enough oil on
    I bet K&N has been hit with MANY lawsuits over this.

    Dennis :shrug:
  15. My only concern with the K&N is the residue mentioned earlier. In my 2000GT, the Idle Control Valve (ICV) became quirky after I first cleaned and oiled the filter. I don't know if it was caused by the residue, or if the oil could even affect it. I just know the idle was never smooth after that first cleaning.

    I plan on going K&N with the Mach as well. I have since learned that less is better with the oil application; it only needs a light coating to work correctly. I am a believer that the K&N flows better than paper, and thus, should improve the flow of oxygen into the motor for bigger explosions in the cylinders once combined with fuel.

    Has anyone improved on the filter box / K&N / mass air setup for our Shaker Scoops? This would be important to know before buying a K&N since a new filter would likely come with one, i.e.: the C&L setup I installed on the 2000GT came with a longer filter. I'm sick, already trying to make it faster :bang:
  16. When you clean a K&N and re-oil it, one good rule to follow is to let it sit for a good while to let the excess oil slowly drain off. The whole filter should be covered in oil, but only lightly, not dripping. I've not had any issues at all and gas mileage did improve once I switched to K&N. Even if there is only a single hp gain, I like the fact that I don't buy air filters any more.
  17. Idle Control Valve

    OK, I've been monitoring the ICV via the idle RPM's. Dang it if the ICV isn't already sticking. I noticed it around 400mi, and now at 600mi, it apprears to be getting worse.

    Bottom line. I DO NOT attribute the ICV fluctuatation (idle rpms) to K&N installation. I am still with paper filter, and it's already doing it. The ICV motor is faulty. It was with my 2000GT, it is now. It's not a big deal concerning performance at WOT, but it is annoying at the redlight.

    Ford better come up with a better ICV motor for the next gen :notnice:
  18. My Mach was my first Ford. I always liked the current GT and I drove a GT with an automatic as a test drive. Based on that, I mentally added the extra 45 HP and 5-speed factor in my mind and figured it would be a good deal. I wasn't disappointed.

    It was a two month wait. My "test drive" was driving it home in the rain. It rarely rains in So. California! But the last six new cars have brought rain the day, or next day, I get the car - weird...

    Even huge Galpin Ford didn't have one to test drive back in Dec. 2002 when I ordered mine. My test drive was at Valley Ford. Valley Ford wasn't even interested in ordering a Mach for a cash sale! The salesman told me the Machs were all spoken for. So I went to Galpin Ford the next day and put a deposit down.
  19. Mileage Report

    Just turned 900. I've learned to drive it slow. Third and Fourth gears are my favorite gears. They are almost the same, and accelleration builds with both of them. So even if I am driving cool, I still have motor left, big time.

    I launched it twice today outta 2nd, into 3rd, still practicing the 2-3. I have nailed the shift every time, except for on the 2nd or 3rd day, went 2-5. It hasn't happened since.

    I'm starting to notice a little resistance now on the shift gates, and on top of the throttle. I can feel it breaking in. And, I'm learning to drive it better.


    Going from a 2000GT AUTOMATIC to a Mach1 STICK :D Lovin' every friggin' minute of it!
  20. Hey I know how you feel, my dad has had his mach 1 since november 02 and it has been treated to 4.30 gears, steeda tri-ax, and a host of other mods, and I get to frive it as long as its nice outside. It makes my car feel sooooooo sloooooooow even though I like my car better I wouldn't mind having the power and gearing of my dads mach 1.

    BTW with 3,000 miles on the clock my dads mach dynoed at 280.2 RWHP.