Mach 1 Your first test drive in a Mach1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BurlyStang, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I got my MM&FF on video order, I love Mach1 beat Cobra :D
  2. I started a new thread on WAX, kinda where I am now. The Mustangs get together here in the summer for a show. This Mach1 is going in.

    I never entered my 2000GT, but it would have dawn attention (deep wax throughout that you could comb your hair in). I just laid the same application on the Mach. It is so slick now you can't lean against it. The coolest thing is:

    If I unleash the motor, that wax don't matter a bit :D . Am I the only one, or do you want to take off the AIR BRAKE and make some real times at the track? I see myself doing a spare delete AND wing delete at the track just for grins :spot: Just a few thoughts banging around in my head.
  3. Well I just test drove an 03 mach 1 :D ,and man it was WAY faster than the 04 GT I drove a few days before.Since my dad was with me,I was only able to hit 4K or so in 2nd in the 03 :nonono: but it had some crazy pull.Only things I do not like are,it feals VERY bulky and the turning radious absolutly SUCKS.Other than that it was pretty nice,but I liked the interior much better in the 04.All in all they are both GREAT cars.BTW that mach 1 also had a ticking that I noticed in the drivers side head almost as soon as I cranked it :notnice: and the sales man popped the hood.
  4. Don't worry about turning radius, cut your wheels which ever direction you plan to go. Rev to 2000RPM, drop the clutch, and go there. :flag: