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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by turboguy, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Which chassis is better OVERALL in build quality.

    The Late Fox body (93) or new style 94? Do the later Fox's have rear disc brakes?

    I will do some drag, but I need a good handling chassis. I currently have AWD w/ 13" Baer brakes. And good cornering power is a must. Will add suspension upgrades.
    Minimum of Baers for the fronts will be added.
    (Note) I prefer the styling of the Fox. I do not know what that newer chassis is referred to.

    I'm researching for a new ride and have some experience w/ the 302. I've helped a friend install a 5spd Tremec, Steeda 3.73's w/ LSD, and Vortech S-trim kit on his '93 GT vert. It ran a 14.02 at 103 w/ a horrible 2.4 60 ft, it's only time at the track, w/ It's rookie owner/driver.

    I'm sold, that's a damn good trap speed for 7 psi on a 100K+ mile, stock blocked and head 302, at 5800 ft ASL.

    I'd prefer to build a 5.0 (actually swap a new 347 stroker) vs. 4.6. If i'm wrong tell me why. Pricing and output included in your reasons.

    I'm impressed how inexpensive (compared to what I'm used to) these chassis' are to build up.

    I currently own a 1991 Galant VR-4 #1513/2000. (2.0L turbo AWD) It's mildly built. It runs 14.03 at 97.42 w/ a 1.85 60 ft here at Bandimere (Denver). That's .5 secs quicker than a LSI, and over a full sec quicker than a stock fox body 5.0 here. (5800 ft)

    But when I get to roll the blown 5.0, that just too much fun.
    I want to step up. I will be using my experience w/ boost but want close to triple my current 121 in3 displacement.

    Thanks for any and all positive input.
    Chad Hayashi