Your Mustang Ownership History...lets share!

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  1. I fig. some guys/gals have gone through some changes with cars over the years so share it up!

    My 1st car I bought when I was 15 was a stock 1991 Mustang GT 5.0 5 Spd Red with Red Interior. Ended up looking like this after 5+ years of owning it



    I then found a 1992 Emerald Green STONE STOCK Notchback AOD car that I had to have. Sold my 1991 and got it.


    I ended up missing stick and ended up selling the car. Went without a Mustang for about 2 months when I bought a 2000 Mustang GT Silver 5 Spd.


    Ended up not driving the car much and it seemed it was parked more in the garage then being driven so I sold it and once agian went without a mustang for about 4 Months or so when I bought my current 2001 Mustang GT at the age of 25

    When I bought it:



  2. First: 2000 v6 -blue/green
    Second: 2004 v6 40th anniversary - oxford white
    Third (current): 2003 Mach 1 - Torch Red
    Fourth (current): 2007 GT - grey metallic
  3. I deleted most of the pictures of my past mustangs.

    My first mustang was a 1990 7-up edition convertible 5.0 that I bought when I was 18. I then sold it and bought a 1997 gt that was bone stock. Put a 3" cowl hood, 18" saleens and lowered it, Then I traded that for a 1989 5.0 hatch with a fresh 306 that was 10:5 compression, .580 solid roller cam, victor jr intake, blah blah blah. I drove that car for about 2 weeks and traded it for a 96 cobra convertible, white with a black top and black FR500 wheels. Sold it, bought an 04 GT, sold it and then bought this 99 gt(it's the only other car than my current 02 and my old race car that I have)


    I still own this car right now, but it's tore apart (race car)

    About 3 month's ago I found my current 02 gt and jumped on it, just something about it I really liked

  4. Okay, I'll play along.

    My first Mustang, a 1991 Notch wild strawberry metallic, trick flow heads and intake, custom CI cam, '04 cobra seats, etc:

    My 1999 GT with pulley/tune Termi motor and built Art Carr C4:

    My 1984 T-Top Notch, mods in sig:

    My current '99 GT after the most recent round of mods:

    Oh, and this one isn't a mustang but it sure was pretty. Here's my 1968 Chevelle:
  5. I'm still on number one, probably hold onto it for the long-run unless something comes along that changes my mind. For a while I wanted a Fox car, but as the years pass, that's more and more work that would need to be done just to keep it maintained correctly.

    I bought my GT in 2006, a few weeks before I graduated high school. Paid it off the day I bought it from the money I'd been saving over the past four years, a large chunk of which was a dedicated Mustang fund. It's a 2000 GT, Spring Edition car, 5 speed.

    When I bought it, the PO had removed the "GT" stripes on the hood, and I actually was un-aware it was an SE car until my back-then-new Mustang bud (now a really good friend) pointed out the car had the rest of the SE features (01+ hood and side scoops, polished wheels, and black-out MUSTANG lettering in the rear bumper). We then looked on the hood, and sure as hell you could see the outline under the lights at night where the stripes used to be.

    When I got it, it only had a K&N FIPK as far as a proper modification. It also had torched stock springs that were rather harsh (and bowed on the lower ends), and the stock catback had been removed and replaced with straight pipes (the stock H was on). It had 92k on the odometer when I bought it.

    It didn't take long at all for me to start throwing parts at it. The first one was an MGW shifter, then all the normal bolt ons and real exhaust followed, wheels/tires, then gears, tuner, suspension stuff, appearance stuff, and finally after a long hiatus of nothing new I put nitrous on it.





    In the middle:







  6. Bought '89GT with 32,000 miles in 1992. Owned 1 1/2 years. Traded in on brand new '93GT in 1993. Owned that Mustang for 9 years and sold it in 2002. Bought my Mach 1 in 2004 and still own it.
  7. i've always had a mustang since i could drive, i just realized its been 15 years of mustang ownership......i'm old

    my first car, a 1990 4 cyl got it in 1995:

    my second, a 1988 5.0 got it in late 1995 and had it till 2003:

    My third and current, a 2002 gt with a procharger on it:
  8. My three I have/had


    My wife's current and former car, and same grey car in the garage.


    Wife has also had a 98 GT. After the 02 grey car is finished this winter we will be picking up another random mustang for a drag car.
  9. 1986 Bright Red v6 mustang auto
    1998 Pacific Green v6 mustang auto
    1998 Dark Satin Green Convertible mustang gt 5-speed
    2000 Black Convertible mustang gt 5-speed
  10. The first and still have it today.

    1966 Mustang Fastback (Raven Black) 2+2 auto w/289 my parents bought new in Nov. 1965

    1969 Mustang Sportsroof (Winter Blue) auto w/ 351W. Bought in 1991, sold in 2000.

    1994 Mustang GT 5.0 5-speed (Laser Red) bought in 1996, traded in 1999.

    1995 Mustang Coupe (Black)V-6(exes car, but I bought on 1998) traded in 1998.

    1999 Ford Mustang GT "Limited Edition" (Performance Red) 5-speed, bought new in 1999 still have it also.

  11. I still have the only 2 mustangs I've owned.
    First, the 88. I bought it in 1999 as a clean naturally aspirated 2.3. It had 88 hp and chrome wire wheel covers. I didn't get any pictures of it like that, because I fairly quickly replaced it with these american racing wheels:
    With some modifications, an accident, 11 years of sitting outside and a lot of messing around, it looks like this and runs low 12s, still with 4 cylinders and 2.3L: P1070767.jpg
    The 97 GT is the other mustang. My dad bought it around 2001 or 2, then I got it from him around 2007. The looks of this car haven't changed much. The paint still looks good, despite having 172k miles. The only changes include a nice stereo and some small bolt ons.
  12. I'll have to go back an add pictures tonight.

    1991 Mustang 2.3L Hatch - First real car, before this it was borrowing cars. Turned in the lease early for the next car.

    1992 Mustang 5.0L Hatch - I had this car till 96 and during that time I changed the color of the car, went from auto to manual transmission, converted from EFI to carb, changed heads, nitrous, roll bar. Pretty much learned everything through experimentation on this car.

    1985 Mustang Hatch - Bought as a roller, built it up as a strip car, painted it and before I got into the wiring of the car one of my shop lights fell and trashed the roof and hatch so I ditched the car.

    1989 Mustang FHP Coupe - Another roller to replace the above car. All new suspension, body work, paint, roll cage, built rear end and ended up selling due to work.

    2000 Mustang GT - Daily drove the car for 4 years, trying just about every bolt on I could find, first 11 second NA car with stock longblock and cams. Essentially sold it to get a house.

    1995 Mustang LX - Blown up v6 car to use a future project. Ended up stripping the car of parts to make my money back and donated it to a friend who wrecked his '94 at the track.

    2004 Mustang Mach 1 - Bought used as a DD in April '08 until I was forced to change careers, then it became a project car going from Procharger P1SC to stock NA to Eaton Swapped to T-56/Whipple 3.4 and now Twin Turbo/4R70W. Car has seen 2400 miles since January '09 when I took the P1SC off. Not my last Mustang by a long shot.

  13. first car 91 gt - full exhaust, shifter, springs, 3.73s, other little stuff.

    current car - stage 2 roush - full exhaust, 4.10's, shifter, pulleys, intake, blah blah blah
  14. When did this happen?!?!? :pics:

    I bought my car May 6, 2006 when I was 15 years old from the original owner. Kept it stock for close to 3 years. First I put the 17" Cobra R's. Then did all the bolt-ons (minus PI heads, LTs, and gears) in the 4th year, then put the blower on.



    I've said since the day I bought it that I'd DD it forever and never sell it, but I swear the 2011 5.0s are so dang tempting. One day when I have a job and money (hopefully) I'm sure I'll have to seriously consider a newer, nicer, (faster) car to DD. Still want a sonic blue 03 Cobra to have as a toy.
  15. previously owned...

    1.) 89 GT Vert . 302/5 spd. custom paint, blue w/black top. black interior. intake, cam, full exhaust, etc.

    2.) 86 GT . 302/5 spd. black. black interior. 87 clip. intake, cam, full exhaust, etc.

    3.) 93 LX . 4cyl/auto. silver. porno red interior. junker - more or less a parts car. no exhaust :p

    4.) 93 GT . 302/auto. green/titanium. gray leather. 84,000 miles. stock minus full exhaust. creampuff

    5.) 95 GT . 302/5 spd . rio red. saddle leather. lowered, wheels, msd, cai, 4.10s, full exhaust, etc.

    6.) 99 GT . 4.6/5 spd. chrome yellow. black leather. bone stock. 78,000 miles.


    7.) 00 GT . 4.6/5 spd. silver. black cloth. lowered, wheels, exhaust, diablosport. 90,000 miles.

    quick run down of the other cars i have owned...

    73 oldsmobile cutlass
    85 camaro z28
    93 camaro z28
    94 honda accord
    95 honda del sol
    98 eb explorer ( current )
  16. is that carowinds in the background of the last pic?
  17. I bought my old '95 GT when Iw as 16 and kept it until the end of my Junior year of college when I sold it and bought my Bullitt. The '95 was Redfire with Saddle leather, 5spd, full exhaust, 3:73's, suspension mods, 03 Cobra wheels, etc. The list goes on and on. Mods on the Bullitt are in the sig.






    Behind the wheel of the B...

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  18. No, it's the horribly failed Hardrock Music Park, then re-named and re-failed Freestyle Music Park in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  19. 1st car - 2001 Mustang GT

    This was my high school graduation present from my parents. 2001 Mustang GT premium purchased brand new in October 2000.


    I was an absolute idiot and traded it in for a used BMW in 2004. I regretted it REALLY quickly :doh:

    I needed to get back into a Mustang, so I bought my current GT in May, 2009. 2002 Mustang GT premium w/ 50K miles.

    ......then I subsequently lost her for 6 months when this happened :mad:


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    Then I finally got her back, looking better than ever

  20. Well I am just into Muscle cars, ever since I can remember. Sorry guys but this girl likes Camaro's and Mustangs. :rolleyes: I've been told I'm an enigma since I have both a Camaro and Mustang. What can I say I love 'em both. :flag:

    While I'm on only my 4th Mustang. I'm on my 5th Camaro. Now, I don't have the actual pictures of the earlier 3, but here's the history. Pictures for 1-3 are as close as I can find on the net.

    1: 1990 White GT automatic, bought in Colorado 1995, Sold 1996
    Similar to this one except I had the stock GT wheels.

    2. 1996 Grabber Blue GT 5spd, bought in Virginia 1998, Sold 1998 (the plastic crossover sprung a leak leaving me stranded in Charlotte during Thanksgiving holiday).
    Similar to this one except I had the Ford deep dish factory wheels.

    3, 2001 Laser Red GT 5spd, bought in NC 2002, Eibach lowering kit, sold 2004.
    Similar to this one except mine was lowered nicely :nice:

    4. Current 1999 Chrome Yellow GT automatic, bought in NC 2009. Was a really clean car and I wanted a project I could work on myself (for the most part).

    Bumbles when I got her:
    View attachment 208729

    Bumbles now with all the changes.
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    Bumbles with Black Angel (2010 Camaro SS)
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