Your Mustang Ownership History...lets share!

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  1. I'm another one that came from the "other" side. Not just Chevy, but 4-bucket "tuner" cars from Chevy :p

    In order of purchase:
    1. '00 Cavalier Z24 5-speed. Ended up with the GM supercharger, and koni sport kit suspension (plus supporting mods). Ownership ended by rear-ending a pickup :( (story didn't end for this car there though...)
    2. '86 Fiero SE 2m6 4-speed (manual). Still own this sweetie. 186k miles. Has custom intake, headers, interior and stereo.
    3. '98 Camaro V6 5 speed. Only owned it for a year. Cavi was faster and I missed the J-bodies (stupid, stupid RWD>FWD!). Did panhard rod, rear control arms, z28 anti-sway bars and stereo.
    4. '00 Cavalier Z24 5-speed. Got my old supercharger back from the guy I sold my first Z to (sold the suspension to someone else, so had to stay stock...eww). PO had done the exhaust up right, but it still sounded bad above 3k rpm. Kept it a year and sold it to buy:
    5. '02 'Stang GT 5-speed. Bought it in May this year with 38k miles. As of 9/17, it's got 51k :) I commute 500 mi/week, might as well have a car I enjoy!

    Honestly, I would have bought a Z28, but to find one with similar miles would have cost twice as much, and the GT is plenty fun. It'll be around for a while, that's for sure.