Your New Leader Has Arrived!!

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  1. here are some pics of my NEW 03 Cobra Terminator just got it last night at 8:30 and i am loving it, she only has 13k on here and has a Ford Racing cat back, K&N CAI, and SCT Xcal 2 dyno tuned putting 388 to the wheels, the car also came with smaller pully and belt (still in the box) :yes: let me know what you think :yes: ohh and i still have a the other stang also if anyone is interested in it let me know b/c she 4sale :D










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  2. Very Nice you lucky dog!
  3. envy


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  4. super nice pickup...cant wait to join you in the spring:nice:
  5. nice of the best for the cobras :nice:
  6. So, are you in Omaha, or is that just where the car is from? I work in downtown O.

    Nice Snake. :nice:
  7. Nice car you got there. Are those reflectors near the exhuast tips just stuck on there, or are there cutouts for them?
  8. Congratulations, it's beautiful. :nice:
  9. Congrats, very nice pick-up...
  10. would you be intereseted in a trade? Mine comes with a prostitue from vegas for three hours.
  11. Mmmmmm sexy seats.. Nice ride!
  12. Looks good ... congrats on the purchase.
  13. looks great man, cant wait to see it in person and at the track!
  14. nice car. :nice:

    get a shorty antena
  15. Sweet ride. Congrats!!
  16. whipe the water spots out of the door jams!!!!!!
  17. i was jealous until i saw the tan top
  18. it's the same color as the 04 cobra vert my boss just traded in for a gt500. only his has a black top and black/grey interior.

    If my dealer puts this car for sale I will give a heads up on here, it's a never modified 40+ year old driven 04 with under 12k miles on it. My boss never beat on the thing, only problem is he drove it year around in new england winters but I doubt two winters did much damage to it. LOL he is going to drive the gt500 in the winter too..
  19. Very nice! I have the same seats.
  20. Beautiful car!!!!