Your next Project or unique car....

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  1. When I finally finish with mine, which at the rate it is going will be never, I plan on fixing up the 69 chevy truck. It has belonged to my Mother since October of 68 and is in need of a redo, only 78,000 miles on it. Plus it will be my tow vehicle to the long distance shows.
  2. my current car is my project but I would love to do a 2.3l build at some point.
  3. wow! nice find..:nice:

    My ideal project would be a 67-69 camaro...but I gotta start and finish my 95 and it won't be going anywhere.
  4. The long term plan for my Stang can be summed up by the following phrase: Project T-Top Terminator. I've already got the Cobra body kit, wheels, & what else is there to do but a T-56, IRS, & Terminator engine. :D

    Asside from that, I'd like to get another YJ Wrangler (87-95) I had a '92 and it really started to take shape as a great project but I had to sell it due to money. For me, the ideal Jeep Wrangler YJ project is as follows:
    1" BL
    TJ Sahara fender flares (require cutting, gain of approx 1")
    1.5" Suspension lift
    Built High Pinon D30 Front / Ford 8.8 Rear

    I had the body lift, TJ flares & snorkel on my YJ with 31x10.50 tires. I loved it. I can't wait to get another one.
  5. minus the rear, that is exactly what my friend has on his jeep.
  6. This is my next project:


    Its a good driver right now, but I want it to be a perfect show car. It has a 351C-4v C6 that I plan on making a 408C 4-speed toploader!
  7. Currently me and my dad are finishing up installing a 460 in our jet boat. I will def. post pics of the progress!
  8. i wnat a t-top bad... did they make 2.3L t-tops?
  9. Well after my car is done or makes some significant progress I wanna pick up another Fox and then Pick up an early RX-7 and make it a full out stripped, and tubbed Drag Strip Terror with a 302 based motor in it .
  10. yes
  11. My next car will either be a full on project 71-73 Datsun 240Z with a 5liter or a C4 ZR1 with some bolt ons to cruise around and shock some of the cars around me