Your O ***** moments

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  1. If you ever had any O ***** moments, gotten in a wreck, or almost gotten in a wreck then post your story!
  2. Yeah i was doing 90 down a road past a cop... He pulled out i turned up a side street then into a driveway and killed it. I seen him drive past. So Go back out onto the road after 15minutes and start to go down the road about 50 when some asshat in an suv pulls out infront of me and i lock the brakes up and slide sideways.
    Another time i went sideways around a turn in the rain and i overcorrected my self and did a 180 into a ditch i remember thinking oh **** this is going to hurt.
    And when i was 16 my friend was driving his saturn and we got T-boned by a drunk driver and i remember seeing him coming and thinking this is going to be painful. Good thing i WASNT wearing my belt or i would be dead. I got thrown over to the drivers side of the car and it was a good thing because there was now a jeep wrangler located in the passenger seat. I still pull lil pieces of glass out of my back from this accident 8 years later.
  3. gross...

    I was pullin out of my neighborhood about a month ago and I was behind my mom. I thought she went(turning right) so I looked back and went then when I turned my head back around I saw her stopped and slammed on the brakes, I was literally an inch from her van.

    Then about a week b4 that, I was sitting in my car and about to start it, had clutch in, thinking I had my ebrake on and rolled forward and bumped my dad's lincoln. Can't even notice on my car, but there is a group of scratches on his car.
  4. I was driving an 89 Mustang that I had just bought down interstate 65 just north of Birmingham. The 89GT had 3.73's and worn out Mickey Thompson ET Streets on it- they were bald. It started to get dark and then started raining.

    My wife was following me so we pulled over. The headlights didn't work well, the guages didn't light up and the windsheild wipers didn't work on high. I being the "Big Stuff" told my wife that I would press on despite her pleas for me to stay put.

    When I got to the Tennessee river bridge it was absolutely POURING. I was getting scared because the rear end was starting to get loose. By the time I made it half way over the bridge the tires broke loose and I spun out in front of my wife. I was facing an oncoming semi truck who swerved and avoided me. My wife thank god didn't go over the concrete barrier into the water like so many other people do on that old bridge. I stopped within about an inch (literally) of the left lane barrier.

    A man stopped in a little red car and haulted traffic almost getting nailed by another oncoming 18 wheeler himself. He asked if I was okay and helped me to get turned back around. My wife and I call this man my Guardian Angel, because neither of us saw him leave or got to thank him for saving my life... wherever he is I hope God has blessed him :)

    So I ditched the car on the side of the bridge and called the Alabama State Trooper's Office who yelled at me and I also called a tow truck because though it had finished raining I was too scared and shaken to drive home...

    I have many others but that's the worst. I've also hit a telephone pole and drove away, jumped numerous curbs and drainage ditches and I've been forced off the road into a ditch. I've had a racing ticket and a speeding ticket in the same day as well, which both were my first tickets.

    This is Strype Harvey... Goooooooooooooood day :nice:
  5. yeah this time, this chick saw my O face... I mean I wanted to drift around a corner, shifted into 2nd and lost the car lol thankfully I did this on a 4 lane road with ZERO traffic - it wasn't smart and I won't do it again.
  6. I was driving down a really old country road once that's pretty much a single lane road, and it's really curvy and has a creek that follows it and the road crosses over it several times on these little bridges. Well, the road would be awesome to haul ass down if you knew for sure there was nobody else coming down the road and you could keep from going off the road....

    Well i've got 2 OH CRAP stories for this same is pretty quick, it was winter and my girlfriend's father lived down there, and we got stuck in an ice storm and i didn't want to stay the night there so we packed up and left in my Ranger. I made it almost all the way out of this road to the "normal" roads, but got to this real gradual incline and the truck just stopped moving and started sliding towards the creek....we went about 98% over the edge but i managed to hook the front tire on the edge of the street before we went down for about a 12 foot drop. It was like a scene out of a movie with us getting out of the truck, and i had my new born son with us too....we pulled it out with a backhoe.

    Second story, it was a nice sunny day on the same road and i came to a stretch with a lot of sharp corners but you could still see far up ahead of you, so i knew nobody was coming. I was doing the WRC through these bends and at the end the road crosses back over the creek over this little bridge. Well, i was young and that was my first Mustang, and when i came down the back side of this bridge to a 90 degree right hander, i gave it too much throttle coming out and was going ditch to ditch (which isn't very far so it was hairy) and i almost took out several trees/electric poles/mail boxes, but i managed to straighten it out. That was one of the last times i've ever lost control of my car.
  7. I had a 96 v6 mustang i was traveling into Hartford, ct on rte 84 just as you get into the city 84 goes under an overpass. well it was raining i was changing lanes under the overpass (the roads were dry here) when i had changed lanes i looked in my rear view and i saw a car closing the gap between me and him. so i sped up. well my car downshifted just as i cleared the overpass (on the wet road). i went into a spin across 5 lanes of traffic . when i was done i had single handedly stopped hartford traffic and survived without a scratch but desperatly needed to change clothes (not literally). my o-face was wore out though.
  8. There was a cat right in the middle of the road while I was going 85mph. He was just staring at me.......

    I ran him over and he died.
  9. last year I was in my new ram when the throttle got stuck. accelerated to 115 when the ecu cut the engine.thankfully it wasnt a very heavily driven road. faulty throttle sensor. I hate drive by wire.

  10. lmfao. Thats the best story so far LOL.
  11. LOL...I did that with a racoon. When I went to change the oil after that, there was fur and flesh under the car.

    In HS I was riding with a couple friends and we flipped a Civic into a muddy ditch with the widnows and sunroof open.

    Then there was the accident that claimed my '01.
  12. this one time me and about 5 buddies were in canada all night at a skate board park, i think it was in england kinda close to winsor.. well we went home about 5am all slept in the van for 2 hours then drove to midland MI, to another skate park.. on the way i was still sleeping on a 3 seater stretched out and my head was on my backpack full of tools... when i was sleeping i could hear the brakes lock up at 70mph... but i thought i was dreaming and jerked up in enough time to eat only the back seat of the driver... and the tools i was sleeping on killed the back of my head... in the middle of N-75 we smoked a altama with 3 chinesse (sp?) people in it... they were cuting lanes and cut back and locked there breaks up.. i remember the smell of the airbags and burnt brakes... i ran outta the car dodgeing traffic and sat on the embankment and fell asleep until the cop was questioning me.. i dont know if i had a concussion or only 2hours of sleep.. but i couldnt hold my eyes open!
  13. Back when I was 16 I was driving the stang down a pretty well traveled open highway, right after a real bad storm just hit, so it was still raining pretty good, nice and foggy, windy, and visibility sucked balls at night. I was running 10mph under the speed limit on this 2 lane highway following a truck at a pretty good distance slightly down a hill. Well I seen him slow up and move over into the turn lane, and I thought he was turning and just didn't use his signal. Boy was I wrong. So I kept my pace, and then all of a sudden almost from nowhere is a friggen pine treet sprawled out in the road. I got on the brakes hard, slowed the car down to about 10-20mph and bam. Skidded right over it. Bent the radiator support, a branch put a little dent in my fender, and busted the glass out of my passenger side mirror. Got out and there were firemen with tiny mag lites that said they tried to warn me with those but said that they never seen me slow until it was too late. They asked if I wanted to call the highway patrol or continue, and me being young and scared to death took off. Luckily the damage wasn't bad, just popped the dent out, straightened the support, and replaced the side mirror and it was just fine.
  14. Me and 4 buddies went up to one our friend aunts hunting cabin for a week when we were all 17 (one guy was 18). The cabin was 15 mins from the Canukian border so we thought we'd run over for some beer and smuggle it back across.

    At the time i was driving an infiniti J30T that had a nice secret compartment in the back between the back seats and the trunk.

    Well after drivnig around in Canukia for a bit we go a 30 pack (i told the dip**** to buy handles so it'd be easier to hide...jackass comes out with a 30 pack of bottles) and loaded it in the the funny part

    Pulled up to US border patrol and an old guy (50 year old thats prob. seen this b4 plenty) tells me to get out of the car...after some interrigation he told me to open up the trunk (i thought thats cool). a couple bottles broke while driving so when i popped the trunk all you could smell was boiling beer. the guy looks at me, looks at this round vent that covers our "hiding spot" and you could clearly see budweiser label poking through.

    At this point he ask for everyone get out and one buddy laid on the hood and put his hands behind his back, but guy kinda smurked and told them to get back in...He stared at me shaking his head for like 20 seconds, and closed the trunk and told me to get F' outta here. he was very nice to us to say the
  15. my 2 biggest oh **** moments:

    #1 - driving my 97 Audi A4 on the cross bronx in the left lane when all of a sudden i see an 18 wheeler start to come into my lane... I lean on my horn and slam on the brakes but he kept coming. Ended up ripping up the whole passenger side of my car with the trailer tires. I remember a lot of tire smoke, broken glass and seeing my front bumper get ripped off and go flying over the car as I was being pushed into the jersey wall. Walked away without a scratch!!

    #2 - out at Summit Point raceway in my '03 350z when i came into turn 3 a little too hot. Went wide and my rear tire caught the dirt and I spun and flew into the woods. The guy behind me had a video camera running in his car and caught it all on tape. The car actually launched in the air about 2 feet before flying into (actually on top of) the woods. When the car finally came to a rest it was on top of bent saplings and only the passenger rear wheel was touching the ground. Also walked away w/o a scratch (except my wallet which took a serious beating from the damage... hence why i now chose to build a cheaper car for future track events)
  16. Pics? or vid?
  17. I haven't had any problems on the street, however at the track I tried to grab 3rd and everything went to hell from there. It was fun trying to drive home when the car sounded like a rock crusher at idle and only got louder when I moved. That got some funny looks. :owned:

  18. here's a pic of the Z 30351776_6da0e67614_o.jpg
    and after it was repaired

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  19. ouch, sexy car though
  20. lol, i have one:

    a friend of mine borrowed his GF's dads' 78 porsche 928 (the ugly slow ones with a 4.5 v8) we tried to get it to reach 100 on this one strech that seemed fine. well, we got up to it, but then we saw a big right turn lol, i was like "ah jeez" we skipped the curb at about 90 ans slid across like 50 yards of grass (narrowly missing a few trees and light poles lol ) and landed into the intersection. all four wheels were toast, and he completely effed the suspension up.

    another one with the same car lol:

    not but a few weeks later we were coming down a blind hill (it was raing and the bottom of the hill was flooded out) when we see a ladys car just stopped in the middle of the lane. now, we're doing the speed limit when he slams on the brakes, he ends up locking them up and taking it into a ditch to avoid this sumb ****. lol i was all like "ah ****, here we go again" as i put my doughnut down. then WHAM! we hit a tree and totalled it.