Your O ***** moments

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  1. DAyuummm lol

    One time I was with a bunch of friends and we were trying to find some guys house. Well one of my friends didn't have his license yet so His dad let my friend Lars drive it. We got lost in a neighborhood and when Las went to turn around in someones driveway he backed up and drilled a mailbox. I saw it at the last second and was like "LARS LARS ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The mailbox was perfect, but there were about 2.5 feet of scratches down the back of the kids' dad's 06 Titan. Annd the tailight broke. We told the kids dad that we were in walmart and came out to find it like that. He didn't care lol...
  2. Once I was in high school in SLC way back in 1988. I was riding in the back of an old Jeep style Land Cruiser. We dropped my friend off and I jumped in the front seat. Before I could belt up, my budy flipped a U-turn. No doors, guess where I went. I was laying in the middle of the road at 4am. My head hurt like crap and the backs of my legs were bleeding from the pinch weld. My friend did not even notice I was gone for at least a half mile. Thank god there was no traffic or I would have ended up like the dead cat. We laughed it off and got a big-gulp and nachos. MMMMM Nacho's!
  3. Was he stoned???
  4. 92 GT- two deals.. i live next to a highway, come out and its fresh dew with crappy nittos extremes on the back.. 3.73s and a hard posi dont work well... i took off.. went side ways into the other lane.. for about 200 feet before it would straighten up.. then the next day it was raining, getting onto a interstate.. slowly hit second gear.. lightly got on the gas.. got sideways at 30 miles an hour.. LOL

    Z28- probably when i went out back and was playing in backroads.. hit first through second.. burning the back tire off.. sounded nice though :D and.. it got reealllllll squirly.. didnt know of she'd last.. and then i went over some bumps oneday on a turn.. the front end hopped off the ground and i landed 10 feet straight in the other lane.. about took out another car.. damn things bouncy.. hard car to control steering wise.. its to mushy

    86 GT- dads car.. went down a dirt road to get to my friends house back in the woods... now.. theres a swamp right next to it.. come down the dirt road.. taking a right.. it just suddenly decided to do a 180.. and then i was stuck sideways on this dirt road.. and the tires refused to grab for sh** LOL almost ended up in a swamp with a virgin 86 gt :(.. thank god i can drive.. yea yea yea.. if i could drive it wouldnt have happened.. but i was doing 2500 rpms in first gears.. taking a right and the tires let go.. the dirt was more like dust.. very fine
  5. Just last week I had the "Oh ****" look on my face. I ran into a 100+ pound dog that walked out in front of me. I unfortunately hit him twice, fatally wounding him and causing $1,000.00 worth of damage to my wife's 2004 Ford Freestar. Not fun.........
  6. i Have too many Oh S***!!!!!!!!!! moments to list of course i drove sprints car for a long time and you tend to hit stuff a hundred miles an hour with twenty other idiots out there with you

    Sprint car: My worst wreck was at cottage grove a little 1/4 mile that was still fast as hell, i got in a little wreck in the start of the main, my dad and the rest of the crew got the car back together "kinda" this will come into play later. when back out and i was haulin ass passing cars, running right out on the wall, and the one of the front torsion bar arms fell of the car made this horrible sideways movement and i kew it was gonna hurt, hit the outside wall at a hundred plus car endoed twice landed sideways on the concrete front strecth wall and hit with enough force to casue the car to roll six times after that, four of those snaps rolls in the air and then hit the ground a ton like 150 feet from the track, thank god for my hans device and good gear otherwise it would have been worse, i had a pretty bad concusion but thats it

    Mustang: went around a twenty mile an hour turn at eighty, got slowed down to fifty and pointed away from the 300 foot ravine, still went off the road hit a alder tree ended up on my side, yet another concusion

    26 foot u-haul: me and a buddy flew to north carolina to bring back a scrapbooking biz(to Oregon) that my mom bought,when we got to kansas it was raining like hell and the headlights were badly adjusted crossed a short bridge on the highway that was flooded but could not see that went from the slow lane all the way to the opposite fog line before i caught it, that one may have been the scariest moment without actully wrecking becuase that is a big ass truck

    Crotch Rocket: almost got in a head on collison at night if i would have been in a car i would probarly hit the jerk passing in the no passing zone

    so in other words i am joining the airforce becuase it is safer!!!
  7. how did you hit him twice??
  8. I hit him dead center and the force pushed him forward (almost like rearending someone). I then swerved to the right and hit him on the corner of the driver's side bumper. That sent him airborne and ruined my front bumper. The sad part is that my wife and two daughters were with me. They were all hysterical and crying.:( I was only going 45 miles an hour on a 50 mph road.
  9. I was coming out of the gas station onto a street, I nailed the gas out of 1st ripping the rear sideways. As I was doing it I look right at this cop car hiding on the other side of the street(dummy me) and was like "Oh *****". My friend said to gun it, so I gunned it and played the "right, left, right, left game" on the cop (they never get ya:nice: ) and made my way home.
  10. Tired. It was 4am.
  11. I've had more than a few, but usually as a result of other drivers' ignorance.

    The only major one I had recently was one of those things that looked cool as hell in hindsight and might've been awesome to see on video, but it scared the living crap outta me and was a totally dumb move I never wanna re-live.

    I was trying to turn left onto a side street at one of those stupid stoplights on a busy street that isn't equipped with a left-turn arrow. Wait, wait, wait, never a break in traffic. There's this gigantic asshat jacked-up 4X4 diesel beast of some kind directly ahead of me, blocking my view of the two lanes of oncoming traffic, and he's having just as much of a wait as I am to get across. My initial intention was to go on this one sidestreet when I was clear (facing south), turn around in a driveway, and then make a right to go north (didn't want to cut a U-turn).

    I saw what looked like a decent break in traffic at the time, and I decided to go for it. From out behind that big-arse monster truck comes this big honkin' white F-350 dually driven by a couple of Mexicans, right when I'm almost halfway through the intersection. Reflexively, I dropped the throttle; being that 4.10's and street tires are never good for traction, the rear end goes swinging around in a tire-screaming spin that winds up looking like a U-turn that ended up being a full-on drifter's wet dream. I let up on the throttle enough to get a tad bit of traction, shifted into second with this big ol' diesel bearing down on me, and drifted completely sideways into the lane next to him - at this point, my nose is facing the side of his truck and we're both going north at the same speed. The Mexican passenger's eyes were as big as friggin' paper plates. I kept the wheel counter-steered at full lock until 2nd gear grabbed and I straightened out.

    Trying to hide my shame, I kept it WOT until I got to the next intersection. The dudes in the truck pulled up beside me and were LAUGHING and giving me a thumbs-up, like I'd actually meant to do what I did, when it was actually all just about five seconds of sheer terror/panic.

    Makes me wish all the more I could take some Bondourant Racing schooling and learn not to be such a douche behind the wheel when standing on the gas. :D
  12. that is sick!

    My friend used to have a honda accord. He beat on it and sold it, when he was looking for a new car I talked him into a mustang. He got a 90 LX 5.0 5 speed. He had never driven anything that torquey as a DD and one day decided to try and powerslide around a u turn. He had enough time to make it had he just done a regular, but quick uturn, but he wanted to powerslide. I was behind him in the turn lane when he went. He ended up doing a donut in rush hour traffic on P'Tree Ind(pretty major road that I live off of) When he came around I saw his O face and it was funny as **** then he corrected and tore off lol
  13. Mine by far is a motorcycle incident.

    I was on my FZR-600 back in 2000. I had my wife (girlfriend at the time) on the back.. I had just replaced the engine, brakes, and forks. I was immature and was still under the misimpression that I was immune to damage or death.

    I was speeding down the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic. I got off at a certain offramp, then came back up the onramp on the other side. I hit about 140, then suddenly felt a huge loss of power. I thought perhaps the drag and the weight of myself and my wife was just too much, so I indicated to her to crouch down a little bit. I still kept losing power, until I finally was at full throttle just trying to not lose speed. I slowed from around 140 to basically 10mph or so in seconds due to this, and pulled off to the side of the road in the gravel. The second I hit the gravel, my front tire locked up, and I somehow managed to come to a stop without dumping it. As I got off the bike, I saw both front rotors glowing red hot like a burner. A guy pulled off the road, and asked if we needed help. I told him my brakes were frozen in the front. His comment was, "Somebody sure must be watching over you today."

    After I came back, and picked up the bike, it still hadn't dawned on me what happened. When I got home, I discovered both front calipers had fully engaged and frozen pistons. Why, I have no idea.

    I felt lucky to be alive, and made a promise to myself that I would never do brake work on a motorcycle again. After bringing it to a shop to be repaired, I sold the bike. I had nightmares for weeks after that about what would have become of us had the calipers frozen at the speed I originally was going.

    My second and far less dramatic O **** moment was on the same bike, about a year before that. A friend of mine with a Buell and I were drag racing down a local highway. I was cruising at around 130, he was right on my tail, when we both saw a state trooper up ahead. We both sped up, and I hit the fastest I ever did on the bike.. 151mph. We pulled off 2 exits later, and high tailed it down a country road and ended up pulling off in some guys barn. Several minutes later, a state trooper with lights and siren came screaming past.

    Lesson learned, be safe on motorcycles. Respect the power, and don't be an ******* unless you're prepared to accept the consequences of your stupid actions.
  14. after strypes experience when he bought the 89gt. now that ive got it, i had to experience it myself. 3 weeks ago tommorow, the guy coming to work forgot to bring my check from our main office. so i get pissed and leave. headed to our other office to get my check. i was going up a hill, maybe 35-40 mph in 3rd. barely gave it gas and the rear end let go, back of the car slid to the right, over into the other lane. almost hit a new F150. people were slamming on their brakes. im sure i got cussed at a lot that time.
  15. one time, it was a really calm controlled slide but it was cool and gave another guy the O face, I was coming around a turn onto P'Tree Ind turning left and it had just got finished raining I didn't mean to at all, but my rear end slid out. I was almost perpindicular to the road I was turning onto and it was beautiful, I had my wheel corrected perfectly and basically glided around the turn, comppletely sideways. This guy in the turn lane adjacent to the one i had been in and that I was now going towards was on a harley and his jaw was dropped. My bro was with me, he said it was the sweetest thing he had ever experienced... yeah it was schweet

  16. Car is cursed... cursed I say :nonono: