Your opinion, Can I run 11's ?

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  1. I have a N/A '01 Cobra with a JLT RAI, Zoom Stage 2 Clutch, Mac O/R H Midpipe, Flowmaster 40's, Nitto Drag Radials, 4.10's and a Zex 100 shot of N2O. Can I break into the 11's?
  2. Sure can. The IRS might be your toughest to overcome, but it can be done.
  3. it will be close
  4. Mark aka Bitemark has a bolt on's only 98 Cobra with a 4.56 gear can run 11's, you can with a 100 shot. The only difference is he had a solid rear and like I mentioned, that IRS will be a challenge for you.
  5. thats gunna be a close call i think.
  6. sounds do-able with the 100 shot.
  7. This past summer in MM&FF's, they had a Cobra / Mach1 shoot out. Sixth place went to a guy from GA with an '01 Cobra, CAI, Bassani exhaust, 4.30's with Drag Radials and a dyno tune and he turned 12.45 @ 109.33. A bit steeper gear but I've got a 100 shot.
  8. Should be close. It probable will come down to how good of a driver are you?
  9. ^BIG +1

    Driver mod makes all the difference between 11s and 12s for your combo. If you can hook the nittos, I THINK you should get there.
  10. +12 for driving throw in some suspension and you would be golden