Your opinion in the HOTTEST color Red.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by johnt785, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. I wanna get everyones opinion. What is the hottest color of Red paint you have seen on a car. I'm looking into painting my in about a month and I'm looking for a nice, hot, bright, eye-catching red paint for my stang. Please post what you think is a "hot red". Pictures too if possible. Thanks.
  2. either performance red (on the 2000 mustangs - maybe others as well)
    fire-engine red (duh on fire engines lol)
    absolutely red (on lexus i think)
  3. Well everyone tells me its mine. I agree but I am partial. LOL
    Mine is GM Torch Red

    I try to gets pics of it in the SUN but it makes the camera wash out cause its so bright

  4. Is the GM Torch Red the same color as the new Camaro and Corvette's red?
  5. Well we painted it 3 yrs ago and at that time it was the vettes color. We put 2 coats of white under it to make it realy bright. :D
  6. I was always a fan of 'vibrant red' that was a factory color for the foxes.
  7. yep same here that was the factory color on my stang and when i have it repainted im using the same color again.
  8. 5.0 Droptop, How much did your paintjob cost you? Trying to get an estimate for next month.
  9. Also, which would you say is a brighter red? Ford's "Vibrant Red" or "GM's Torch Red"?
  10. Well the red paint is dupont its almost 300 a gallon. The clear was dupont I think it was 160.00. The white was a cheap base coat paint. In materials we had about 600.oo My buddy is a painter he painted it for cheap for me. But if you had it done expect to pay 2000.00 or more for a reputable place to do it. and i think thats on the cheap side.
  11. Vibrant red looks Orange to me. Torch Red is RED
  12. yup, shawns car is BRIGHT red, and turns a lot of heads, if that is what your after. (although i really dont think its the paint that turns the heads, its the car) :nice:
  13. Well the color made a huge differnce in the head turning catagory. :hail2:
  14. Wow, 2000 bucks. I keep looking at your pictures and 2000 seems worth it. Thats a beautiful color! So having a shop do it for me, like the whole jest sanding/ priming/ and the painting I'm looking about $2000 cheapest? What if i were to do the sanding and priming myself and have the shop do the painting? Sorry, I'm a noobie when it comes to painting.
  15. I wouldnt prep it your self. The prep work is the most crucial part. Lowsey prep means the paint will look lowsy too. I guess my best advice is Go to a good body shop for estimates and see.
  16. not in the shade. Hows it look in the sun? Maybe I have the colors mixed up. There was a post on this subject in the talk section before and a guy posted a car and said it was vibrant red but in the sun it looked very orange.
  17. No bmo37 i don't think that your car looks orange. Its a nice red, just not a HOT red. In fact, thats almost exactly what my car looks like now besides i got chrome ponys.
  18. Yeah, I know what you mean, but I think it looks kind of cool. bmo37 do you have any pictures of your car in direct sunlight? Those pics don't do the paint much justice in the shade.