Your opinion on a audio visual Bezel concept for all 93-04 Mustangs

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  1. Hi,
    I have spent over a year working to develop a way of updating and integrating a DVD/CD/GPS, SAT NAV./REVERSING CAMERA/BLUETOOTH, HANDS FREE/TV etc. or alternatively a Triple Gauge system into 1993 - 2004 Ford Mustangs.

    My objective was to do this
    Without ... removing the existing in dash 6 CD Stacker and Tuner.
    Without ... looking like the upgrade is an add on.
    Without ... damaging the textured dash.
    Without ... obstructing the drivers view.
    Without ... Interfering with the air flow from the windshield vents.
    Without ... Overheating.
    WITH ... The ability to return the car to stock in a few minutes.

    Testing of a hand made fiberglass unit has just been completed. The entire set up works perfectly and has drawn a lot of favorable comments with people thinking it is standard in the car.

    Where too now? ... I was wanting to find out if it would be of interest to others.
    Going to manufacture is a big financial risk as is showing the design.

    Thanks for your time, looking forward to some feedback.



    p.s.. I attached an early night photograph that gives an Idea of the bezel and its installed / functioning appearance.
    There is a Design Patent pending, but I am reluctant to show the complete unit and its essential fit and functional features because of individuals and companies that copy and profit from other peoples work, initiative and creativity.
  2. Got any better pics, or any that show more of the dash? It's not to my personal taste, as I'd just as well swap in the double DIN cluster from the 01(?)-04 into my 95 and use an aftermarket head unit, but others may like the design.