Your opinion on a wing for my buddy's Supra

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  1. So my friend jus bought another Supra. He had a 1994 w/ 160k miles, NA and auto, but targa ttop and still looked sexy.

    He sold that for a 2001 BMW 5 spd 3 series coupe, but now he wanted back in a Supra.

    Basically I want to see what the non-import fanboys have to say regarding the wing on the supra. His old one had the stock one and his new one has none. He wants either the stock or TRD type S.

    His new one is a one owner 1993, 43k miles, 5 spd, N/A with plans for a turbo by the end of the year.


    New car:

    TRD wing:

    He is also getting a front lip and wheels for it soon so also take that into account.
  2. Wheres the pic with none?

    And why bother buying one without factory turbos on it,
    If he plans on a turbo anyway?
  3. He should get that slotted r/a hood. Take that ghey spoiler off that car. Looks disgusting. The one blow that looks pretty sezy

    Nice find though supras are :nice:

    Edit, leave them wheels they look good
  4. Not sure if the bottom ends are the same but most guys go big single over the stock TT set up, so why not if all else is the same? Much cheaper to grab an N/A one than a TT one.

    Also I dont mind that wing, but singless is sexy.


    Supra > Mustang!
  5. tell em get what he wants. he has to live with it.

    looks like he should of gotten a good deal. car been repainted huh.
  6. didnt see the pic without the spoiler. It needs one though imo
  7. he got his for 11.3k, try to find a factory turbo car with a 6spd(turbos came 6 spd, N/a's 5 spd) for under 20k in good condition with 43k miles.

    There are 2 different bottom ends, 2jzGTE(turbo) 2jzge(non turbo) The non turbo bottom end can handle 600+ stock
  8. Hmm, I didn't know of the 2jzge, but I wonder how hard the GTE's are to come by?
  9. Thats an amazing price on that car. Around here that car would be close to 20 grand.
  10. Supra's w/o a spoiler are the freakin' deal. The factory spoiler was BUTT ugly and that TRD spoiler is none-the-better. No spoiler FTW.
  11. Yeah the 2jzge is the non turbo block but it can still handle a ton of power. That's what I have in my is300 at the moment and I spray the thing all day long with no problems.
  12. lowered down over some big wheels with no wing baby.
  13. i like the wingless look, but the front wingless pic it looks a bit like a del-sol to me...
  14. +1 :nice:

    Towel rack wings FTL. :notnice:
  15. I'm also going for wingless here. EVERYONE I've seen has some hugh spolier on the back, it would look pretty streamline without one. 11.3 isn't bad. I've seen them being sold for more and in worse shape.

    And tell that one kid to put on his fockin' hat on right :fuss:
  16. I like the stock wing , no body kit tho. They are sleek and sexy the way they are, just like the skin stretched look of the rx7
  17. Looks good/better wingless, but I agree about the factory bumper cover having a definite 'del sol' look to it :D
  18. Yeah the wheel offset kills the look on that front pick, but with the right stance, wheels/tires, and paint they lok retarded good!
  19. i like the stock one.....that pic w/o it looks like a mx3 or whatever those little mazdas are...yuck
  20. i think the trd wing is pretty nice
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