Your opinion on a wing for my buddy's Supra

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  1. HAHA, I wont even touch this. There is so much wrong with what you quoted and said (never remember calling a Supra a Muscle car, hell a Mustang isn't a muscle car :rolleyes: ) But the mods said PM, so I will leave it at that.
  2. Let's not let this turn into a Flamefest.

    Keep the personal attacks and insults to yourself. Minute this gets out of hand it's getting the ole tube of thread lock thrown at it

  3. Okay so SUPRA seeing as the thread was made about SUPRAS no matter what site this is.

    I say the TRD wing doesn't look bad, but I actually like the stockers, seem to flow with the body lines.

    Wingless doesn't look right to me, unless the car is perfect otherwise.
  4. i still say no wing and turbo it first.
  5. Dennis, I agree with 25th. Who do you think YOU are?


    Basically everything you mentioned in that little speech of yours was stupid and/or wrong. I'm not even going to bother taking this one to PMs because it would be a waste of my time.

    25th, you're saying all the things I wish I would say on here, but give up because of the reprocussions. Bravo. Even funnier that you have 7 or 8? (forget the number) of Mustangs in your family, my family had 10 a few months ago (sold 3 foxes in October), and the nut swingers have 1 or 2, yet we get called import trolls, and unfaithful to the "Mustang community". We don't make Mustangs look bad; people who think and act like their car is the best car on the road make us look bad, like our buddy Dennis there.
    To keep the thread somewhat on track, I still think the TRD wing is the best. There's a lip for the front bumper that looks great too, but I forget what it is.
    Calling strtrcr50..
  6. Yeah I think that lip is called the MVP?? ANyway.... A supra is a sports car, a mustang is not a muscle car, it is a pony car. A sports car is generally 2 door, 2 seater(supra might as well be, the bottom of the back seats touch the front seats, built for road racing,ie. excellent handling, and powerful to an extent, no V8 required.

    Now that that is cleared up, here are the pics.
  7. This is the lip he wants
  8. That lip looks pretty good I say, even with the wing.
  9. I guess I'm a ricer too. My engines stock but its got exhaust, short throw, tint, I'm getting it painted this year and then some new wheels and tires. And in a few years, THEN I'll do the engine mods.

    You know, for a car I love, it has to welcome some of the worst crowds around.


    I didnt read this whole thread, just kind of skimmed, but I would like to say....Dennis86GT...I think you have down syndrome. You should probably get that checked out.
  10. **** call me a ricer all you want, i would love to have a supra
  11. take off the spolier.....and it looks good....that or section it.
  12. Meh, I'm not a supra fan. I think it looks less hideous without the wing though.
  13. Supra is about the PURPOSE- no wing required to have the look...look at the Carrera- just business. They do need the rims, though, black ones, like we see at Road America up here. 350's got em, too, BBS i think? Wicked, evil when done right. Save the wing to make Civic guys feel better about themselves. Some don't know they have an economy car.
  14. right now i wish i had an economy car....$44.50 for 15.3 gallons of gas..i think i was running on fumes when i pulled into the gas station lol.
  15. ew no way leave the stock wing
  16. Here is a Supra I saw at the local big car cruise weekend:

    Perfect in my eyes.:nice:
  17. That is the other lip he was looking at. Both look good, I like the first one better though.

    Why the hell did that guy not have the top off??
  18. if your going with a wing on a supra, leave the stock one it looks so much better
  19. No wing looks best, but it doesn't matter...because Mustangs rule!!!!
  20. That one looks really good without the wing.
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