Your opinion on a wing for my buddy's Supra

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by grey5.0beast, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Agreed........check my signature. :nice:
  2. Supra's suck! Mustangs are the best cars ever.
  3. You would say that, fool!

  4. well when your block splits think of this: you could have had a 2jz lol...
  5. Haha, couldn't help myself! If its fast and looks sweet its good in my book.
  6. I agree, and doesn't even have to be fast! I just love sexy cars!
  7. Someone post the 2JZ swap with NAS picture...
    BTW, just because it's non-turbo, doesn't mean it's slow. A N/A Supra is in the same ballpark as a stock 5.0.
  8. Yeah an N/A Supra with bolt ons could be a 13 second car.
  9. Ehhh... I wouldn't quite say that. It will kick it sideways hitting 2nd hard, but it doesn't have the tq of a 5.0. Its is decent, but I roasted him from a dig and a roll several times when my car only had gears and exhaust.
  10. im not against supra's. theres some gorgeous ones posted here.

    but dollar for dollar you cant beat a fox, and my car has only failed to get me to my destination once, and limped to it one other time. im a broke college kid, i cant afford a finicky supra that runs 2 months out of the year.
  11. Nope I agree Supras are FAR from cheap, which is why most Supra owners have much nicer daily drivers, and seem to have more money.

    Until I get one and bring that stat waay down.
  12. :drool:

    I'd drive it.

  13. Haha, this thread had me so wired when it was in full spring...

    That Supra is classy, though. You don't need a wing and a flashy paint job to be badass!
  14. Frankie, are you trying to raise the dead? Holy old thread batman!
  15. Bahahah..memories.
  16. Choice
    #1. I say make a custom wing that looks like something of the bat mobile..lmao
    2. Cobra R wing...just to keep it stupid rice boy style since its n/a and hes a young kid that
    owns it.
    3. Saleen Dbl Decker looking Wing....with fart can mufflers welded to the side so it looks like
    jet engines.

    All stupidness aside...I say wingless is best...or get TRD only if he gets the full TRD kit. My friend just got a sweet turbo 6 speed supra..hes got some works wheels,cf lip, some siderskirts,rear bumper and trd wing I beleive and its a mean looking car. Those supras are pretty cool but Id have to rock the turbo...without the turbo its like rocking a 3.8 stang and for me thats not how i roll.
  17. whats wrong with the stock supra wing? nothing imho
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