Your opinion on different shock/strut setups

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  1. I bought Eibach Sportlines, CC plates, and a bumpsteer kit from UPR. Now I need shocks/struts for my 95 GT (auto, coupe). I had some KYB's picked out, but I got talked out of using them.

    I talked to RCD in Cali who are self proclaimed Bilstein experts and the setup they recommend is $480. I also talked with Strange Engineering and their setup is $380. Both recommended something different than a stock replacement since the car will be lowered about two inches. I've had people tell me though (Summit) that two inches doesn't make any difference and stock replacements will be fine.

    Anyone have an opinion on whether or not saving this $100 is actually worth it. I've never heard anything bad about Bilsteins (except the cost), and from the searching I've done I don't see anyone bad mouthing Strange either.

    Everyone has told me to stay away from KYB, and even though Tokico's and other coil overs are popular, they're out of my price range. I just want to replace the worn out stock shocks/struts, and get the right setup for a lowered car. It's a daily driver so I'm not looking for a drag car setup or anything. Let me know what y'all think, and if there's any other setups or brands I should look into let me know.
  2. I went the KYB route while using 1.5" lowering springs by BBK. I haven't had bad luck with them but they don't hold the front end stiff in a hard corner like I wanted, this winter i will be changing to something adjustable.
  3. I like my koni's, they have proven themselves at Pocono, Summit Point, and the Glenn.
  4. I just ordered up a set of KYB AGX's for my wife's Cobra. They should be on next week for a trip to the beach. I'll report back then.
  5. WIth 2" of drop, some 94-95 guys use fox dampers (SN's are higher than foxes in OEM form).

    I cant speak for either of your listed choices, but you might want to get some feedback on Tokico HP's with Sportlines (more than a couple guys run that combo. I run them but with a Prokit). The HP's can be had for a good bit less money. And if money's not an issue, it doesn't sound like you'd go wrong either way.

    Good luck.
  6. Bilsteins


    I can't even tell you how great they are. Lifetime warranty.

    Put them in my 99 Cobra, totally changed the ride (for the better.)

    I talked my buddy into putting a set on his 2000 GT and you should have seen the look on his face when we took the car out after the install. He was VERY happy.

    And these are cars with around 50,000 miles on them. Just think what they will be like on your typical 100,000 mile fox.

    My 87 is getting the Bilstein treatment this winter. Currently has low milage KYBs on it and I am not impressed. They are probably about as good as the stockers were back in 1987. Nothing great.
  7. I love my Bilsteins. Well worth the money. I have the HD's. I kinda wish the MM Sport valved ones were out when I bought mine, I probably would have went with those. But the HD's are a great balance of ride & handling.
  8. i've been happy w/ tokicos and eibach prokit springs. if i change it will be coilovers with a good fully adjustable shock/strut for the ocassional foray to the track
  9. Eibach pro with koni is a great combo.
  10. I know Bilsteins will be what I go with next...

    A 2 inch drop could mess with your stock geometry a bit...
  11. I got Tokico blues for the front and one blew out after a year or so (maybe 3K miles).. replaced with Koni reds (front and back) and lover them. No issues with them yet. They are adjustable but have to be unbolted to adjust
  12. Well I went with the Tokico HP's (blue) because price was a bit of a factor. I didn find out though that we have a discount with Arrow Speed here at work so I got them for $271.44 and free shipping. I used Stang Suspension's recommendation and bought Foxbody fronts and SN95 rears.

    We'll see how it all works out. I'm putting the shocks/struts, springs, cc plates, and bump steer kit on this weekend if time permits.
  13. Let us know how it goes:nice:

    Did they recommend the sn-95 rear shocks because of the internal bump-stop instead of the external fox bump stops?
  14. They didn't mention that. They just said the weren't affected by the drop like the fronts are. I guess I could have questioned it more. They were real helpful with everything though and really seemed to know their stuff.
  15. You can't go wrong with Bilstein, Koni or Tokico but I would look into those in that order.