YOUR opinion on my bumper

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  1. Alright should I or should I not do this? I think it looks clean.

    Remember this is done in Paintbrush, not Pshop as we don't have that at work. So bear with me.


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  2. I say no. Your car is perfect as it sits, and that just doesn't look right.
  3. It looks good to me...

    It looks like it belongs with the lines of the Saleen front end. Go for it!
  4. I like it, i don't think that it's overboard at all.

  5. Thats kind of what I was thinking Dave, it flows real smooth with the Saleen air dam. Now what about a billet grill behind there? Just the horizontal bars? If someone could photoshop that for me, I am supposed to be working here... :D
  6. +1
  7. I like what your doing but in my opinion what ever you put in there would have to be dark to blend in and go with the theme of the car. A billet grille would stick out and draw your eyes right to it and take away from what you are trying to do. I would leave at as is, like in the paintshop design, or do something suttle like black mesh or something. just my 2cents.
  8. I see what your saying with that, maybe a grill like I want but black?
  9. I say yes to the opening. I had debated doing it to my white lx. Oh yeah,NO to the billet. It will just dirty it up.
  10. I like the way it looks open, maybe just a flat black mesh for radiator protection.

    I PS'd a billet grille in there but have no room on my hosting account.
  11. I think it looks great. If you have the it. Definitely fits the lines of the air dam. On an otherwise stock car, I wouldn't recommend it. But....I like.
  12. I don't like the opening. The rest of the car is so damn nice, and with no grill, something is missing. It gives me mixed feelings.

    The car has so much going for it already. The cosmetics the car has now...(paint, body panels, wheels etc..) is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing on the outside of the car.
  13. I kinda like the ED-209 looking front grille
  14. NO idea what that is Prime, lol.

    I am in the air on doing it. I love the look but did just have the car painted, and not sure about having the paint blended already. I guess funds will decide when I talk to a body guy.
  15. True 25th. Blending metallics is tricky and tough. I would scratch the idea. If it doesn't match, you'll be pist.
  16. Yeah I hear that, maybe for paint job #2 on it...

  17. Definatly not! That bumper is hideous dude..
  18. Looks HOT!