YOUR opinion on my bumper

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  1. Yeah I am not a fan of the pony, have seen it and don't really like it. As it sits now it is nice enough for me, but I might in the future try it out. The cars I have seen like that look great to me, so we will have to see.
  2. Yeah, I definetly agree on no matter what you do.
  3. I think it looks great with the pony, its definately missing something just being open like that, and the billet would look weird, so many trucks have billet grills now, that when you see it on a car it almost makes me think of a pickup's front end ya know.

    Maybe you could have something custom made to fit the opening.

    oh damn , i got the perfect idea. get yourself a spare 5.0 badge, and a get the 2.3 badge that looks like the 5.0 badge, remove the 5 and the 2, then take them to a metal shop and have them make some sort of custom cool looking 25th badge/emblem that you could mount in there, that would be awesome.

  4. I vote NO. it doesnt look bad, but it does look worse IMO.
  5. Never thought of the 25th thing, but idk. I already have the XXV in the back, and want to keep that to a minimum. Other than the new plate I will get come spring time (HIRD GN) I think I will keep the Ford oval. I like the ideas coming out though, and anyone with pshop can feel free to molest it if they want.

  6. Haha. Not a bad idea. It wouldn't really look good on his car IMO, especially with his 'badgeless' look. But it's kind of a cool lookin badge.

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  7. think it looks better......
  8. 25th,

    ED-209, crazy ass robot from the RoboCop Movie. It kinds resembles that.

    As I said though, I think it looks freakin sweet. Although I wouldn't be opposed to putting something in there like a honeycomb grate.
  9. Yeah, I have the chop now which I wanted to do for a while. So I will keep looking at it and decide, maybe when I redo the engine bay.
  10. Don't do it!! Just put the rest of the Saleen body kit that you are missing on! lol Seriously, though, the full Saleen kit would complete the look of the car and make it look as mean as hell...
  11. I thought about that, but I am not a body kit person. I like the SCCA racer type look with the lower front valance but sans body kit on the rest.

    Anyone want to chop a Saleen kit on the car? should take you to the page with a bunch of pics you can use if you'd like :D.
  12. You should open the grill up and add a big turbo inlet right in the middle :D
  13. Just to let you know, the title of this thread should have been "YOUR opinion on my rear end" cause I got nothing to work with here.
  14. :lol:
  15. Whoa! You never showed us THIS one!!!
  16. I do think a front mount would look sexy behind that bumper... Maybe some day :D.

    Not sure why anyone would give me an opinion on my rear, unless they were a female.


    Haha yeah that was a joke. My friend takes pics the whole time, so when I would go back and forth to the car he was snapping them. Needless to say that place is supposedly haunted and that was his picture to "prove" it. Actually had a few girls thinking it was real!
  17. I think that it makes the car look less put together. The beauty of your car right now is that everything on there is "OEM" stuff. The saleen bumper cover, the bullets, and all stock body panels.

    Going to a grill like that takes the car from a tastefully done OEM look to something "custom". Personally im not a fan of custom exterior stuff. it just looks out of place to true mustang enthusiasts. Sure it may look OK...but it definitely doesnt look better than it does now.

    The idea of putting bars or mesh behind it is even worse. The farthest i would ever go with the grill is a cobra grill insert...and im not even a big fan of that!

    The car looks excellent the way it is bro...
  18. I like it, it looks raceresque. I want to get it done and add the Saleen bumper as well.
  19. I like. I've considered doing it myself, but I don't think it would look good with an LX bumper. It took me a while to see it too, so it is subtle. Absolutely no billet grille though. One thing I think might make it look better is a thin bar that goes across the top right under the hood line. Kind of like a Cobra grille if you know what I'm trying to say.