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  1. OK i have a 91 Mustang GT. I have a 6 point cage and i've already been gutting this thing for a while reducing weight and such. I need to reupholster the interior seats and i was just thinking of doing the fronts in black and deleting the rear seats with one of those kits already made for like $150.00. I already took out the rear seat belts and it is a biotch to get into the back seat anyway with the cage, the car is set up for drag racing but i do a bit of street racing also, eiback drag springs with 7 way adjustable strauss struts in the rear so IF anyone were to ever sit back there it would rub anyway. No one ever sits back there now that i think about it.
    BUT does it look better to HAVE the rear seat or to have the rear seat delete?

    Give me some suggests or comments about what you think please?

    I am also tinting the windows 5% so you will not be able to see in the hatch now either.
  2. Keep the seats, I think the delete looks stupid. And what if you need to take three chicas back to the pad? On the other hand you could delete the seats and throw a bed in the back.
  3. Honestly i think it's pretty pointless. The concept of it saving weight is pretty silly since most people fill in the void with plywood which weighs more than the seats's not like it's a couch back there with a big metal frame, it's just cushions more or less.

    Now, if you do delete the seats, and leave the floor part just carpeted and cover the back with something super light, and then maybe mount nitrous bottles or something back there, that would be cool. I just hate seeing the ones with no seats, and it just looks like a flat seat instead of a cushioned seat.

    Personally i wouldn't do either though, i have a son and he sits back there. I have been toying with the idea of doing a seat delete and mounting a couple bucket seats back there...i think that would be awesome if you could make it look right.
  4. Took mine out, sorry i did it, they are very light to begin with so weight savings, especially off the rear tires does little to nothing, possibly could be worse.

    IMO, looks better with seats.

    If you do go no seats, these kits look way better than the cheap setup, but you are going to pay alot.
  5. Fold them down and pretend..easier...cheaper and same effect as loading 20 pounds of plywood to remove 15 pounds of material.
  6. Doesn't make sense to me. The weight savings will be little to nothing once the delete kit is in there, and it looks kinda dumb to me. Plus, like mentioned, if you are saving weight, it's off the back tires, which is the worst place to take it away from.
  7. looks like the seats stay, thanks for the opinions!
  8. There is one thing to consider. If you leave the rear seats in the car, you probably wont be able to fold the seats down because the back of the seat will hit the main hoop of the roll cage. What is the point of having a seat you have to climb over or under the roll bar to use. Even if you carpeted the floor board left vacated by the rear seat it would be better then having a seat in the car that doesnt match your aftermarket front seats. Besides, the seat and the factory hatch carpet look like ass.
  9. My opinion is no back seats are for vettes, you have a stang:nice:
  10. No i am going to reupholster the rears also so everything matches and looks good.
    Yah no back seats are for vettes...and my Viper lol
  11. Did not know there was this big of a hatred for rear seat deletes. I already got rid of mine, and will be making a delete that runs flat from the trunk to the back of the front seats, and where the bottem of the seat went will be a storage area for oil, PS fluid, car care stuff, etc...

    NOONE uses or will use my back seat, and a red cloth back seat will not work with black interior and black leather up front. Did not think this many people would find what Im doing stupid, but so be it, I will enjoy having storage and no room to cart people along!
  12. Yah it's all about personal preference, some people i have talked to really like the rear delte. I was on the fence about it, i like the look of having seats in there, but i was unsure what to do. So i'm not going to do the delete anymore.

  13. As you can see above, i posted him a link to your site, but as a retailer/vender your opinion here IMO is too biast.
    Kinda like if i had a ton of cobra R rims, and i went around telling people other rims look like ass.
    It's one thing as a business owner to offer options it's another to offer aestetic opinions.
    BTW, seats do not always hit the roll bars when moved up or down.

    If i could go back in time and get all my rear seat parts back and reinstall them, i certainly would.

    25th, as for i agree it's nice being able to say "i have no backseat" when someone says "i'll sit in the back", on the other hand what exactly are you hauling in your mustang that you need extra storage? Lumber is going to crush most lightweight setups.
    Nobody said it's stupid, it just doesn't work out as well as it sounds to.
  14. I think it kinda looks like a truck or something with a big flat delete. There needs to be something back there for it to look right. Battery, nitrous bottle, dead bodies, etc.
  15. Rear Seat delete kits are heavier than rear stock seats. If you are doing it for weight issues, just remove the two big bars that hold the bottom down and remove the rear seatbelts. Just leave the bottom and back seats in the car. They will be useless as seats, but you will save some weight by removing the seatbelts and the two heavy bars that hold the seat bottom down. The seats will still stay in place with those removed. That is what I did.
  16. If its a "race car" it shouldn't matter what if looks like, right? I did this when I was younger and what a waste of time and effort. Because I was still a fat ass! Now everything is back to stock(interior/exterior) and I'm faster.

    My vote is NO!
  17. I think you misunderstood what I meant when I said storage. I dont mean storage in the trunk/back seat area, I mean creating a storage "bin" or compartment where the bottem of the seat used to be, The floor of the car runs more or less flat till it gets to the back seat (coming from the trunk) where it then drops a few inches down. My goal is to create something that runs flat all the way from the back of the trunk past this drop and right to the back of the front seats. In the area under this flat panel where the floor is dropped down I will have a storage place for car care stuff, oils, fluids, etc... So I dont have to have them cluttering up the rest of the car!

    The only things large I plan to haul in the car will be the ET Streets on my 17" Bullitts.
  18. So because He owns a business he isn't allowed to have an opinion? That's got to be the stupidest thing I've heard. Its not like he said "It looks like crap so buy my kit." He offered advise to double check if the seat would hit the hoop of the roll cage or not, which is something no one else suggested and even suggested the option of covering the floor yourself in carpet (which last time i checked also wasn't promoting his kits). i could see your complaint IF 1-opinions weren't be asked for and 2-he only promoted his products and slammed everyone elses idea (which is what most of the people on this forum tend to do).

    I have a delete kit and I love it. I hate hauling people in my car just so they can trash it, now i have a reason not to. i have found a ton of uses for the kit. i can put whatever i want back there and not have to worry about it fitting. I have put heavy boxed items back there and never had to worry about the strenth of the kit. And when its car show time everyone is always intrigued about it and asking me where they can buy one. works for me, but to each their own preference
  19. Reading comprehension pwn's you, he didn’t say he couldn't have an opinion. He said in this case his opinion, as a rear seat delete builder, is bias.
  20. First off all, he said "it looks like ass"
    Woodrow understands my point exactly.
    If every vendor came in and pushed their products on us, the site would just be one big advertisement.
    Simply suggesting "here is my site" is more than enough, but he went further.
    As a vendor you have to abide by different rules than a standard member.
    Any regular members opinion is based on opinion, not making money. So if i trash an idea, it makes no financial difference for me.