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  1. you guys insult my comprehension however it looks to me like you guys are the ones who aren't getting it. you're whining that his opinion is biased and that he is "pushing" his product. maybe u need to read through what k dezines wrote again. he never suggested or implied anything about his product, you guys did that all on your own. i don't know how u think suggesting someone consider carpeting the floor of their vehicle themselves is trying to push his product? from what i have seen, k dezines has never had to push his products. for people who don't like his kits - they either keep their seats or find an alternative that fits their needs better. for those people who do like his product and find it useful, they dont think twice about buying it.

    it just irks me when u guys are accusing a nice person of something he didn't do. i couldn't care less who deletes their seats or not.
  2. I never pushed my kit on anyone. Someone asked for opions on rear seat delete kits and I gave my opinion. I didnt say to buy my kit, all said was that the " you probably wont be able to fold the seats down because the back of the seat will hit the main hoop of the roll cage," key word probably. Chances are your seat, when folded down, will hit the roll cage. The rear seat folded down hits the back of the front seats. Why wont it hit the roll bar if it has a tranny tunnel brace. Also, I said a carpeted floor would be better then having a seat in your car that you cant use. Alot of the kits on the market weigh less then the heavy fox hatch rear seat. If you remove everything for the rear seat on a hatch (seats, metal brackets, rear hatch carpet with deadener, seat belts), weighs about 50lbs and for all of you guys worried about weight, that is quite a bit. Yes, I did say it looks like ass. Did I say your car or something you made looks like ass. NO, I didnt. The factory Ford setup is ugly to most people. That is a popular OPINION. All opinions are bias. Everyone has something different done to there car and if you dont agree with that person's choices, then your opinion is bias as well. If you dont like rear seat delete kits, then that is fine, dont buy one, but dont give a person grief if they like delete kits.
  3. Just so you are aware, i've seen your stuff, and it looks good.
    I just don't think your opinion as a business owner of a company that makes these things, belongs in aestetics thread.
    And as you can tell, "most" people do not find the ford factory seats ugly, especially since the consensus here was for jud to keep the seats.
  4. If I had a hatch I wouldn't have a rear seat... I'dput my bottle back there and make itlook sweet.
  5. I didnt even see kdezines mention he sold seat deletes. I know the company does, but for the original poster he might not know. He can share an opinion, even if it makes his product look good. Kind of like if Buddy Rawls was on here saying he recommends putting a custom cam in a car right?
  6. Im deleting mine as well, but im not buying a kit, im going to try to fab one up myself. I have a cage in my car, and the way the back bar sits, if i slam on the brakes, someone is going to slam thier face into the bar, and thats the last thing i need. Ill have a battery, a bottle, and some small subs and an amp back there as well so it doesnt look so empty.
  7. If those rear seat delete kits weren't so expensive i would consider getting one. After looking at the pictures they look pretty good!
  8. I made mine myself out of .030 aluminum, it might weigh 10 lbs if that much. There is no way it's heavier than the seat. Here's a pic:
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    I still need to make some rings to trim around the bars and touch up my cage