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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by cheddarbacon, May 9, 2005.

  1. hey guys, I bought mass air and 30 lbs injectors that go with it if i port my stock heads put a e303 cam and, performer upper and, lower will the injectors be sufficent??? :banana: :shrug: :banana: :shrug:
  2. 30s will be MORE than enough for that combo.
  3. so should i use them or sell them and get 24?
  4. My opinion is that you should have ASKED for opinions before you bought those injectors, LOL. For that combo, 19 lbrs. would probably be the ones to stick with honestly. I'd ditch the 30 lb. injectors, and matched MAF and just pick up a different MAF for the 19 lbers. If you will be getting different heads (besides the ported stockers) sometime in the future, you may want to go with 24 lbrs instead.
  5. I ran a TFS stage 1, RPM II, GT40 irons, many bolt ons, and STILL used the 19# injectors with no problem.
  6. I have 30lb injectors on my daily driver. The only problem I have is if the car gets "killed" it does a very slow start up because of a rich idle (unburned fuel) trying to fire up.

    That being said with that combo I think 24lb injectors would be best for overall performance with your will give you room to play with for a possible tune and it will run as good as it would with the 19's.

    I personally would sell them if it isn't to much can get by with the 30's but I wouldn't put them on there with those mods...
  7. I'm with these guys, you dont need 30's. 19's would work or 24's if your looking to step up.
  8. I ran 30s for about 5 years with only a gt40 upper/lower, RR, exhaust, cold air (usual bolt ons)... and it ran fine. They are a bit of overkill but if you intend to upgrade in the near future then you'll be all set.
  9. ok, lets ask this question......

    are you ever gonna upgrade that combo you have working now???? If youi plan on doing heads and/or a better cam, keep the injectors, just turn the AFR down.

    if you decide that you want to swap the 30s for 24s, my cousin might wanna trade ya even-up.
  10. You will want to turn the AFPR up (not down) if you keeping the 19's...

    The 30's cause a surging idle and surging 1st gear roll. The car will want to hop...
  11. if your refering to what i wrote, i said that if he keeps the 30s.... to turn the afr down.